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"Exactly 1 year ago today, Z2 was blessed with a beautiful little baby named Battle Nations!"
— Ikki


Battle Nations' 1 Year Anniversary was a promotional event that rewarded players with 3x the normal Resource-SP Skill Points towards Promotion as well as 3x the normal VictoryPoint Victory Points earned in PvP battles. In addition to the increased VP rewards, PvP army cooldowns were reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour.

Lastly, the Commemorative Statue was available for construction, providing a +15% resource collection bonus to all resource buildings in its bonus radius.

By combining one of the premium SP Boosts with the triple SP bonus of this event, it was possible to get up to 6x the normal SP rewards.

Active: November 14th - November 19th, 2012 [1]

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