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Announced: August 22, 2012

Released: August 31, 2012

New Barracks with New Units: This update brings Frontier citizens into the fold! We’ve built them a bar with free beer, but drinking that beer means that these citizens have signed up to work for the Imperial Army. Build a Frontier Barracks and start training these drunken units to join your army’s cause: Frontier Pyro, Frontier Fireworks Truck, Frontier Lumberjack, and Frontier Hunter!

New Land Expansions: Your Outpost now has more room to grow! 20 new land expansions have been added for you to enjoy as you continue to level up.

New Encounters: Boars and Raptors will now spawn consistently when you visit their nesting grounds! These encounters will continue to drop Teeth, so spend some time killin’ critters to earn more of this valuable resource.

Housing: You will now receive XP along with the Taxes you collect from all of your houses. Since the Shelter and the Camp are not actual housing structures, they will not produce XP. Higher level houses will yield even more XP!

Animals: The critters of the empire are continuing to evolve and mature. You can expect to encounter them like never before, as they take on new shapes and sizes.

New Missions / Story: Take on Gantas’ Lieutenants, as we revisit his story arc with brand new missions! You’ll encounter new enemies in these missions and elsewhere, including the Raider Skirmisher, Raider Outcast and Raider War Mammoth.

Resource Upgrades: When you purchase a premium resource node, it will absorb the upgrades of your existing nodes. For example, if you replace your level 5 Coal Mine with an Advanced Coal Mine, that Advanced Coal Mine will automatically advance to Level 5.

Gears and Bars: Need more Gears and Bars? You can purchase these with Nanopods! When you try to buy and don’t have enough, a popup will appear showing how many you need and the number of Nanopods they will require.

Balance Changes:

  1. You’ll find that many Unit weapons will now deal some of their damage, even when they miss their targets.
  2. The Saboteur has returned to the Barracks! He’s picked up some new skills, in that he can now attack infantry with his C4 attack.
  3. Level requirements have been lowered for several buildings and units, including the Vehicle Factory.
  4. Additional Bug Fixes and Stability / UI Improvements

UPDATE: 8/28:

  1. Some random encounters that appear at level 35+ have been reduced in difficulty!
  2. When you level up your Hospital, you’ll spend fewer Resources and it will take less time for your Units to heal!