Battle Nations Wiki

Announced: October 4, 2012

Released: October 10, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night when the Battle Nations team submitted 2.3 to Apple. The late night lights of our office flickered, crazed creatures of 3rd Avenue howled in the darkness, and the slow reckoning of sinister forces on the horizon consumed us all. This latest update is infected with a terrible, wicked, twisted sort of fun!

Missions (Level 15+) : It all began 28 days earlier… Outposts level 15 and above experience the impossible and unbelievable! Mutated soldiers attack and trigger 8 new missions full of battles, exploration, experimentation, and new discoveries!

New Units : This update delivers new infected units! When you build an Infection Test Facility, you’ll be able to transform your troopers and let them loose to scratch, bite, and bludgeon your enemies to death.

Black Nanopods : There’s a new Nanopod in town… The arrival of mutated units has uncovered these dull, black versions of our beloved Nanopods. Initial evidence suggests that these are the result of Imperial experimentation gone awry. The good news is that Floyd has figured out how to refine these, and transform them into real Nanopods via the Black Nanopod Facility!