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Announced: January 20, 2013

Released: January 22, 2013

This latest update is really focused on Infantry that can give Tanks a run for their money! See below for all the details:


  • Lightning Dragoon: This solider isn’t like thunder, he’s like Lightning. The way we love him is frightening. Carrying a Lightning Lance that shocks foes with Bolt Bursts or Stun Bursts, this heavy hitting warrior has the following stats for his Bolt Bursts ability:
    1. 160 HP
    2. Damage: 63-117
    3. Range: 1-5
    4. 25% Critical Chance vs. Tanks
  • Guerrilla: Demolitions and a silenced 9mm are the specialty of this powerful combatant. His extraordinary mobility allows him to fire upon and take down units at any range! See below for this unit’s hit points and stats for his C4 ability:
    1. 210 HP
    2. Damage: 144-216
    3. Range: 1-5
    4. 60% Chance Armor Piercing
  • Veteran: No stranger to the brutalities of war, this unit is specially outfitted to inflict pain on the enemy. Packing Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers, he’s ready to fight the good fight at a moment’s notice. The Veteran’s hit points and Automatic Fire stats are as follows:
    1. 315 HP
    2. Damage: 50-61 (x3)
    3. Range: 1-4
    4. 65% Chance Armor Piercing
  • Radio Tech: This Prestige unit has three air strike attacks, with different degrees of accuracy! He can call these in after two turns, but the longer he waits the more precise they are. Major damage and carnage result from waiting a full 6 turns. His hit points and Scatter Strike ability stats are as follows:
    1. 175 HP
    2. Damage: 96-119 (x3)
    3. Range: 1-5
    4. 100% Critical Chance vs. Vehicles

NEW MISSIONS This update has 20 new missions! Join Percival on a quest to learn more about the ancient civilization. Rebuild your reputation with Taos’ Raiders. Help the Raider kids with a rite of passage. And get to know the elusive Yenchka a little more intimately!


  • Glass Cannon: This Bonus Decor boosts XP from your shops by 17%! But you’re only allowed to build one, because as everyone knows glass cannon duels never end well.
  • Useless Tank: You should never judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for the Useless Tank. There’s more than meets the eye here. Place this piece of seemingly heavy machinery near houses or farms, and boost Gold by 10% and XP by 5%!


  • Ancient Vault: This massive vault was built by the ancients long ago. Was this once a fallout shelter, which protected a civilization of vault dwellers from the horrors of a forsaken world? Play the update to find out!