Battle Nations Wiki

Announced: June 25, 2013
Released: July 1, 2013

LEVEL CAP INCREASE: 55 was so 0.1.8 updates ago. The level cap is now 60 and that means more workers and Land Expansions for everyone!

NEW MISSIONS: Over 60 new missions, including the continuing battle of Floyd versus the Spiderwasps, a confrontation with a madman holding an entire town hostage, and a final showdown with the Silver Wolves at their home base of New Haven.

NEW UNITS: Several new units are ready for battle.

Mammoth Artillery: You know what’s better than a Raider Mammoth with two cannons? A Mammoth with FOUR cannons. Decimate your enemies from a distance with a concentrated barrage of artillery shells.
Elemental Trooper: Elemental Troopers are masters of both Fire and Freeze. Heavy armor and versatility make them a true force of nature. In battle, they are anything but tepid.
Trebuchet: Don’t let the archaic design fool you. Because of the Trebuchet’s simplicity, it is able to accept nearly any sort of ammunition. Blocks of stone, flammable canisters, baby name it, it can throw it.
Railgun Tech: Fresh from the R&D labs of Installation 17, the Railgun Tech is the ultimate lance of the battlefield. While the weight of the gun prevents it from changing targets, its attack will pierce through units and completely ignore armor.


Suburban House: Finally, the middle class experience is available to the denizens of your outpost. The Suburban House provides ample XP and Gold. It’s perfect for the nuclear family of today’s pre-nuclear fallout.
Bronzed Sandworm: The Bronzed Sandworm is an intimidating sculpture that generates more Gold for your surrounding buildings.
Artificial Pond: This pond costs 340,000 Gold and offers zero bonuses. There’s no punchline here.
Armor Mulcher: The Armor Mulcher is unable to hit enemy infantry, but any vehicles that dare approach it will find themselves in trouble.

BUG FIXES: The difficulty of level 51-60 Raider encounters have been readjusted for balance. Encounters will now appear in the Heartland for players that are level 51-60. All level 30+ battles now offer greater rewards based on the level of the encounter.

“Nations” have been renamed to “Guilds.”