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LandEncounter SilverWolves icon
2 Year Anniversary
Event Type Invasion
Enemy Faction(s) Silver Wolves
Active November 14th - November 19th, 2013
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Boost Resource-SP Triple SP
Special Encounters LandEncounter SilverWolves icon (Spawnrate increased 5x)
LandEncounter mammoth (Spawnrate increased 5x)
Notes Droprate Gears, Bars, Teeth increased
"The Silver Wolves and Animals are invading our Anniversary! Sarge has given the order - ATTACK and earn more TEETH, GEARS, and BARS!"
— Facebook message


Battle Nations' 2 Year Anniversary was a promotional event that consisted of 3 parts [1].

For the duration of the event, Silver Wolf encounters and Animal encounters were 5x more likely to spawn, and were more likely to drop Gears Gears, Bars Bars and Teeth Teeth.

Additionally, players were rewarded 3x the normal Resource-SP Skill Points towards Promotion. By combining one of the premium SP Boosts with the triple SP bonus of this event, it was possible to get up to 6x the normal SP rewards.

Lastly, players received 20% more Nanopods when purchasing a "Supply Crate" or "Shipping Container". This third part of this event was released a little later than the other two.

Official Statement[]

Happy Anniversary, Citizens! The first two Anniversary Events have begun. We’ll update this thread with our third when it goes live tomorrow around 12pm PST!

Spread the word, share your feedback, and tell us what you loved most over the past two years! Don't forget to use #BNTurns2 when you share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



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