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Announced: October 8, 2013
Released: October 15, 2013




Preliminary scans indicate a massive wave of Infected headed towards player’s bases. Biosignatures suggest that the infection has mutated and spread to local wildlife. Scans also indicate that the Infected are carrying Black Nanopods which are extremely valuable for research. All Infected related content will no longer be available at the end of this event.

Declassified Missions:

Players who didn’t have a chance of completing last year’s infection missions will be able to do so again this year. In addition to this, 11 new missions will be making their debut. Defend your allies from the Infected and uncover the source of the resurgence. Please be aware that these missions are only available for a limited time.

Declassified Buildings:

Infection Test Facility Contingency protocols have declassified this facility for the purpose of “studying” the effects of Black Nanopods on infantry. Be warned, transformations are permanent and irreversible. All non-Nanopod infantry units are eligible for “study.” Transformations cost five Black Nanopods and are largely unpredictable. However, we’ve observed that the level of a unit affects the strength of the transformation. A Bio-Grenadier has a higher chance of becoming an Arch. Creeper than a standard Trooper. A Trooper is more likely to transform into a weaker Proto-Creeper. Example classification from weakest to strongest: Proto-Creeper > Creeper > Adv. Creeper > Arch. Creeper.

Black Nanopod Research Facility

Researchers are able to take five Black Nanopods and convert them into one normal Nanopod.

New Infected Units:

Infected Shredder

The Infected Shredder is a Raptor whose primal instincts have been twisted and intensified by Black Nanopods. Unnatural evolution at its finest. Please note that this can only be created by "studying" Raptors at the Infection Test Facility.

Infected Crawler

This isn't your friendly neighborhood Man-Spider. This is a nightmare walking on eight legs. You may not be able to see it at night, but it most certainly can see you.

Infected Hunter

Mankind has long sought the power to fly, but they probably didn't imagine it being so...fleshy. Pilots beware, the skies are looking terrifying.

Defensive Decorations:

These decorations will help players manage the incoming Infected. When built, they will attract Infected encounters to spawn on top of them. It would be wise to build these within range of any base defenses to increase survivability.
Zombie Bear Trap
Zombie Smasher
Zombie Slicer
Zombie 'Sploder