Battle Nations Wiki

Announced: May 13, 2014
Released: May 16, 2014


Battle Nations 3.5.1 has been submitted and will be live soon. This is a small version update, focused primarily on fixing bugs. Most notably, one that slowed down bringing troops into battle, introduced with the iOS 7.1 update. We also restored the Guild Info buttons back to the proper view, and fixed a myriad of issues for our client in Early Access on Steam. That’s not all! We do have a few bits of newness to share in this update too:

Get Gold Fast! For those who don’t have time to collect taxes, you can now visit the Store in the Build Menu and exchange Nanopods for Gold.

Korean Language Support: We now have the game fully localized in Korean. All existing content in the game was re-reviewed also, and improved to enhance the quality of the Battle Nations story. Play and read all 65 levels! 감사합니다!

Traditional Chinese Language Support: We’ve activated the Traditional Chinese language setting in the game to start the process of supporting Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese will be displayed as we begin the process of localizing to Traditional Chinese.

New Tutorial: More improvements have been made with this update for first-time users. Level up a new account to try to see what’s changed!