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Announced: March 02, 2015
Released: April 01, 2015

The 4.7 Patch is a patch that was announced on March 2nd, 2015 [1]. Below are the official patch notes:

[PATCH NOTES] Battle Nations 4.7


We are happy to announce that Battle Nations 4.7 has been submitted and will be live soon! This update features the continuation of the Empire’s struggle against the Sovereign Navy, including new missions, units, and a repeatable Boss! This patch also introduces Italian language support and various performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the 4.7 Update:

Naval Campaign

• Over 45 new missions! Set sail once again with the Empire as they search the seas for a land the Reef Bandits can call home. You’ll fight their hostile factions, face off against the Sovereign Navy, and defend yourself against giant Groupers! But what’s this? A more powerful group of enemy ships is on the horizon. It’s sink or be sunk. Can you defeat them?

• 7 new player units, including the SC-2 Pelican, Reef Bandit Power Boat, and the Monster Grouper!

• 6 new enemy units to defeat and destroy.

• Repeatable Dreadnought Boss encounter! Fight this behemoth on the open seas for a chance to win the IRONCLAD boss drop! This repeatable boss is for Level 40+ and begins after winning your first battle with the Dreadnought.

Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes

• Fix for accidental selection of units during battle, i.e. the Legendary Sandworm blocking possible attack positions. Tapping the unit’s square will now select the unit.

• Fix for Monster Grouper stalemates, the Grouper’s dive attack now targets air units.

• Increased air unit effectiveness in naval battles, several ship to air critical attack bonuses have been adjusted.

• Land and Navy abilities updated so they can target each other.

• Fix for red “can not attack” symbol incorrectly displaying on the player side of a battle.

• Fix for visual UI issue, the Royal Spiderwasp Warrior now costs 10,000 Gold, and 65 Prestige Stars.

Italian Language Support (Live Now!)

• Menus, tutorials, items, units, objectives, descriptions and more are now localized in Italian!

• Big thanks to our crowdsourcing community! Grazie mille!