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Announced: May 04, 2015
Released: May 14,2015

The 4.8 Patch is a patch that was announced on May 4th, 2015 [1]. Below are the official patch notes:

[PATCH NOTES] Battle Nations 4.8


The 4.8 Update for Battle Nations is on the way, and with it comes a really awesome new feature - Spawn on Death!! This all-new feature allows for some destroyed units to deploy a secondary unit after death, to give you that last ditch chance at victory!

Here’s a breakdown of the 4.8 update:

NEW “Spawn on Death” Feature

• When select units are defeated, a new unit will spawn in its place. Adding a new twist to battles and exciting new strategic possibilities!

• Here’s a list of the current units with “Spawn on Death”:

• Spiderwasp Egg -> Spiderwasp Drone

• Mechanized Trooper -> Shock Trooper

• Turtlesheller -> Grenadier

• Mammoth Tank -> War Mammoth

• Mammoth Artillery -> War Mammoth

• Frontier Tractor -> Frontier Minuteman

• Armadillo -> Grenadier

• Anti-Aircraft Flak Gun -> Shock Trooper

• Anti-Aircraft Turret -> Trooper

• Blockhouse -> Trooper

• Watchtower -> Trooper

• Cannon Tower -> Debris

Note: The epitome of “take a licking and keep on ticking,” these brave warriors will always spawn at Rank 1, have unique stats, and are only available for the duration of the battle. Fight to the bitter end, citizens!

Other Changes & Bug Fixes

• Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

• Fixed a crash when researching a unit ability without enough resources.

• Fixed incorrectly displayed “Draw” results for Synchronous PvP.

• Fixed OSX interaction issues when using Full Screen mode.

• Facebook integration removed from OSX.

• Twitter integration removed from iOS and OSX.

• Social Media sharing on achievements, mission complete, and level up have been removed.