Not to be confused with Ancient Rubble or Ancient Construct

Ancient Artifact
Powerplant icon
Building Type Shop
Reward Category Resource-Gold
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 5, The Empire Strikes Back, Unique
Gold Resource-Gold 3,000
Stone Resource-stone 100
Construction Time Resource-time 6h

"A strange piece of Technology. Don't think too hard about how this works - just roll with it."
— In-game Description


The Ancient Artifact produces Resource-Gold 250 every 4 hours, and doesn't require workers. It is unlocked at the end of a Mission Chain which involves many steps, but the final reward of being able to build this structure is useful. It also causes a chain of missions with Warlord Gantas.

Players can only build one Ancient Artifact.


Ancient Artifact
Collection Interval Resource-time4h
Gold Reward Resource-Gold250


  • This piece of technology dates back to Epoch Three of the pre-Imperial age.
  • Lt. Morgan is annoyed by the fact he has to press a button every day to get gold.
  • According to Percival, there is an inscription on the Ancient Artifact that reads: "Money Tree", however no writing is present in the image.