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Not to be confused with Ancient Rubble or Ancient Construct

Ancient Artifact
Powerplant icon
Building Type Shop
Reward Category Gold
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 5, The Empire Strikes Back, Unique
Gold Gold 3,000
Stone Stone 100
Construction Time Time 6h

"A strange piece of Technology. Don't think too hard about how this works - just roll with it."
— In-game Description


The Ancient Artifact produces Gold 250 every 4 hours, and doesn't require workers. It is unlocked at the end of a Mission Chain which involves many steps, but the final reward of being able to build this structure is useful. It also causes a chain of missions with Warlord Gantas.

Players can only build one Ancient Artifact.


Ancient Artifact
Collection Interval Resource-time4h
Gold Reward Gold250


  • This piece of technology dates back to Epoch Three of the pre-Imperial age.
  • Lt. Morgan is annoyed by the fact he has to press a button every day to get gold.
  • According to Percival, there is an inscription on the Ancient Artifact that reads: "Money Tree", however no writing is present in the image.