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Ancient Laboratory
Location level 48
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns None

"The wrecked hulk of what was once an impressive research facility. Is it scarier now, as a ghostly ruin, or when it was fully functional and spitting out giant mechanical monstrosities? It's hard to say."
— In-game Description


The Ancient Laboratory is an ancient site that was restricted by The Empire. It is completely booby-trapped with lasers, missiles, and everything else that can slice and dice you to bits.

Percival wants to explore this area with Perkins. Lt. Morgan doesn't want him to go because it was restricted by the Empire but when Percival gives Lt. Morgan 100 year old whiskey, he gladly let Perkins go. When they get there, there are scavenging Silver Wolves that you have to defeat. Afterwards Perkins tries to get into vault but Percival stops him because of the traps. This then leads to a mission to build a Portable Wall . Once inside Perkins finds a glowing box and gives it to Percival and says there is power inside and goes off to study it.


  • The Ancient Laboratory is also know as "Sector 8".