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Not to be confused with Ancient Artifact.



The Ancient Rubble is found at the top left most section of the Outpost (a few weird looking objects behind many trees). It becomes movable when the player clear the area it is in. Putting it near buildings that collect resources grants the player a +25% resource collection bonus.

The Ancient Rubble can't be sold. When raided, it will only yield Wood 1. It requires no workers, which is very handy. The downside of the Ancient Rubble is that it takes a long time to get to it and will cost a fair amount of Gold Gold (or Nanopods). Also the player will not be able to get this until a certain level, because the player needs to have enough land expansions to get to it.

Double-Resource Coverage[]

640px-Outpost mapARmod

Locations where Ancient Rubble can cover two resource nodes.

These are the locations where the Ancient Rubble can be placed to cover two resource nodes at once.

The options are:

  • Oil + Stone (1 location)
  • Iron + Wood (1 location)
  • Iron + Oil (1 location)
  • Iron + Stone (2 locations)


  • The Ancient Rubble is a buried Wizard's tower from Trade Nations.