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Travel AncientRuins1 icon~ipad
Ancient Ruins
Location level 25
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns RndEnc 25 boss construct icon Ancient Construct
LandEncounter ancientSentinel icon Ancient Sentinel

"Dating from the time of Ancient civilizations, this ruins have laid unknown and undisturbed till now. Was this a city? Research facility? Spa and fitness center? No one knows... but many are (literally) dying to find out."
— In-game Description


The Ancient Ruins is an unknown territory that contains some remains of Ancient hardware. Percival loves to come up here and explore the ancient material hidden in the ruins. Percival is the one who shows you the ruins and ultimately reveals to you that the Ancient Construct is actually a garbage cleanup robot, and that you have disturbed the security robot (Ancient Sentinel).

The Ancient Construct and Ancient Sentinel bosses continue to spawn here after you've defeated them for the first time.