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Npc Archibald full
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Administrator
Affiliation Empire, Installation 17

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"Your point is made. Assuming Aurora approves, I'd be willing to give you the plans to create a facility capable of basic laser production. We can move forward from there."
— Archibald


Archibald is an NPC introduced in the 2.8 Patch. He is the administrator of Installation 17 and is responsible for giving the player basic schematics for producing laser weapons, or laser-based troops. These troops could later be trained by players at the Optics Facility.


Archibald was one of the numerous prisoners held captive at the Silver Wolves Depot, but was quickly rescued by Lt. Morgan, Sergeant Ramsey, Cassidy, and Perkins. It is believed that the Silver Wolves captured Archibald because he could grant them access to laser weapons, which the Silver Wolves wanted so they could gain an upper hand in the war against the Outpost. Because Aurora only told the rescue team that one of the administrators of one of the laser divisions at I17 was being held captive by Silver Wolf forces, Morgan kept all the rescued prisoners tied up, not knowing who was Archibald. After a brief visit by Aurora, a quick meal, a pair of fresh new boots, and a quick apology by Morgan, Archibald thanks the Lieutenant for his efforts and awards him with basic knowledge on how to train and build laser-based troops and weapons. At this point, the scientists at Installation 17 and the 95th Rifle Company have joined together as the sole survivors of the fallen Empire.

Later, Perkins goes and asks Archibald for all information about the personnel working at Installation 17, with Perkins believing that someone at I17 is feeding information and lies to the Rebel Army. Archibald replies, saying that if anyone is to work at Installation 17, they have to sign their rights away to privacy. He continues, saying everything, everything, about their employees is examined and then stored away in huge archives, however, the files aren't categorized. This results in Perkins having to make an Armored File Cabinet Transport, bringing the files to the Outpost, and then working through the files with Floyd. They find out that Archibald is one of the two suspects who is potentially leaking information to the Rebel Army, with the other suspect being Aurora.


  • Archibald is on Lt. Morgan's list of people he cares about on a personal level, though Morgan hardly knows the man.
  • He is one of the few black characters in Battle Nations.
  • The only other known black NPC is Cassidy.