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Armored Fortress
Building Type Defense
Defensive Radius 30
Population Resource population -2
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 39
Nanopods Nanopods 80
Construction Time Time 1d 6h
Sell Price Gold 10 Stone 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 70
Reward for Occupation Gold 266
Repair Time Time 50m

Short Name Fortress
Unit Type Defense
Blocking Blocking
Immunities BN iconCold Cold Environment
StatusEffect-fire Fire
StatusEffect-plague Plague
StatusEffect-poison Poison
StatusEffect-stun Stun
Base Defense

Damage piercing 75%
Damage crushing 50%

Armor Defense

Damage piercing 50%
Damage crushing 25%

Stat-HP HP 325
Stat-Armor Armor 250
Stat-Bravery Bravery 45
Black shield Defense 10
Unit Value 42
Resource-SP SP Reward 168
Gold Gold Reward 840
"Just looking at the steel plating and guns on this fortress is enough to make most invaders say, "y'know, let's attack someplace else." Which is a shame, because it's kind of a waste of that plating and guns, but there you go."
— In-game Description


The Armored Fortress is a premium defensive structure which can be built with Resource-nanopod 80 Nanopods. Its health and armor add up to Stat-Armor-HP 575 and its damage output is comparable to a Rank 2 Super Tank. If it is destroyed, it will not require resources other than time to rebuild. The Armored Fortress covers more spaces (30) than any other defense structure in the game. It will cover a massive region allowing players to allocate other defenses elsewhere.


ArmoredFortress Cannonball Damage
Attack Icon UnitAbility cannon 1shot icon
Targetable Unit Types
Air X mark
LTA X mark
Soldier Yes check
Sniper Yes check
Vehicle Yes check
Tank Yes check
Metal Yes check
Critter Yes check
Civilian Yes check
Sea X mark
Ship X mark
Damage Damage explosive 112-168
Offense 24
Range 1-3
Line of Fire Direct
Cooldown 2 Rounds
Armor Piercing 40%
Suppression Mod x0.5
Crit 5%


    • For many towns such as Marin, destroyed Armored Fortresses and Blockhouses represent destroyed buildings.



    Weapon Animation
    Idle ArmoredFortress front idle ArmoredFortress back idle
    Battle Cannon ArmoredFortress front attack ArmoredFortress back attack