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Veh cannon plasma front
Artillery Plasma Cannon
Short Name Artillery Plasma
Affiliation Rebel Army
Unit Type Tank-Metal
Blocking Partial
Immunities Suppressor flammable icon Explosive
StatusEffect-frozen Freeze
StatusEffect-plague Plague
Base Defense

Damage piercing 50%
Damage crushing 85%
Damage explosive 85%
DamageCold 70%

Armor Defense

Damage piercing 25%
Damage crushing 50%
Damage explosive 50%
Damage fire 75%
DamageCold 70%

Encounter Lvls 69
Stat-HP HP 345
Stat-Armor Armor 100
Stat-Bravery Bravery 50
Black shield Defense 25
Stat-Dodge Dodge 5
Unit Value 35
Resource-SP SP Reward 140
Gold Gold Reward 700


The enemy Artillery Plasma Cannon is the Rebel Army version of the trainable Artillery Plasma Cannon. It is the equivalent to that of a trainable Rank 1 Artillery Plasma Cannon.

It has one attack known as Plasma Shot that does around 158-263 damage at the center of its targeting marker and does 25% recoil damage to surrounding units in a 3x3 square. This unit should not be a priority to kill unlike the enemy Mega Tank as it has very low offense, hence its role as artillery being nullified. Its low offense also prevents it from hitting higher dodge infantry, but unlike some other artillery, it can hit Air units, making it a priority to dispatch if the player relies heavily on Air units in their formation. Although this unit has a high cooldown and reload time, players should not underestimate its devastating attack.

Players should note that the enemy Artillery Plasma Cannon, like its trainable counterpart, is immune to the StatusEffect-frozen Freeze and Suppressor flammable icon Explosive status effects and has similar resistances to Damage piercing-, Damage crushing-, and Damage explosive-type attacks, making it a tougher opponent to kill than most.


Ammo: 2
Reload: 4 Rounds
Artillery Plasma Cannon Plasma Shot
Attack Icon UnitAbility plasma bomb storm icon
Targetable Unit Types
Air Yes check
LTA Yes check
Soldier Yes check
Sniper Yes check
Vehicle Yes check
Tank Yes check
Metal Yes check
Critter Yes check
Civilian Yes check
Sea X mark
Ship X mark
Damage Damage explosive 158-263
Offense 41
Range 1-5
Line of Fire Indirect
Cooldown 4 Rounds
Prep Time 2 Rounds
Ammo Used 1
Armor Piercing 60%
Suppression Mod x0
Crit 0%
10% vs. Vehicles
Effects StatusEffect-fire 40% (2 Turns)