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Location level None
Assistable No
Attackable No
Notes Only mentioned in Missions.

"War has broken out on the continent of Ateria."
— Battle Nations App Store Description


Ateria is the continent that Battle Nations takes place in. The Empire rules over the majority of the continent, however, other countries are present as well, though the majority of them are not mentioned in the storyline of the game.


The Empire[]

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The majority of Ateria's land is owned by The Empire, which expanded during Emperor Hendrik the Great's reign. During this time of Imperial expansion, many countries of Ateria were absorbed into The Empire, believed to have been achieved through brute military force and oppression of the various countries' native inhabitants. Emperor Hendrik the Great's son, Emperor Tragan, later industrialized these new lands of The Empire. It is during this point in time that the rebellion began to form. Tragan's son, Emperor Hendrik II, was able to control the rebellions for some time, however, after the defection of Imperial General Ashe, the tide tipped in the Rebel Army's favor and, ultimately, enabled them to assassinate the young Emperor during their surprise attack on The Empire's capital city of Cariston. After this, The Empire crumbled and fell apart, leaving the Rebel Army leaders, who each came from the different countries that were originally crushed by The Empire during its expansion, to decide The Empire's fate.

During various missions with General Salmanca, it is revealed that the Rebel Army leaders disagree on what actions they should take in creating a new government because a few of the leaders "seek to cause as much destruction as possible", these select few choosing to target and attack the Outpost, one of the two last surviving Imperial settlements. Because of these disagreements, The Empire is still in chaos, with no government in place.

Sovereign Navy[]

The Sovereign Navy is a naval power that is said to hail from another continent all together, however, it is said that their continent is quite small and thus, already conquering all of its continent's land, they seek to conquer the continent of Ateria, deciding to target The Empire first, most likely because they control the most land.