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Banana Stand
BananaStand icon
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type Shops
Reward Category Resource-GoldXP
Population Resource population -2
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 2 x 2
Unlocked Level 34
Gold Gold 260,000
Lumber Lumber 2,000
Construction Time Time 6h
Sell Price Gold 250,000
Reward for Raiding Gold 150
Reward for Occupation Gold 570

"The Banana Stand only costs a little Gold and Lumber to build - it's the 250,000 in cash lining the walls that really makes it expensive. Even in these cold, northern climes, the Banana Stand can get hot and stuffy in the Summer. Maybe you should get Zoey to install an Air Conditioner in it. And if you have a hard time motivating your employees, remind them that if they put their head down, power through, and avoid eating their own inventory, one day they too could become Mr. Manager!"
— In-game Description


The Banana Stand yields Gold 250 and XP 500 every 16 hours and sells bananas to your population.

Considering the high building costs of Gold 260,000 and Lumber 2,000, it is questionable if it is worth investing in. It will take a year or two (depending on buffs) to earn back the gold the player has spent, although they can always sell it to earn most of the money back.

The Banana Stand does not use up any demand category.


Banana Stand
Collection Interval Resource-time16h
XP Reward XP500
Gold Reward Gold250


  • The building, name, and "250,000 in cash lining the walls" are all references to the American television sitcom, Arrested Developement.