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While Battle Nations is no longer supported by an official company, community creators are in the process of rebuilding the game from the ground up.  The work is steadily moving forward and they even have alpha builds running!  

Project Details[]

Q: Are micro-transactions going to be in the game?

A: No!  While the exact mechanic is still being discussed, items that required real currency purchases such as nanopods will now be available in game for free.

(The devs have later gone back on this after making the project not open source and saying that micro transactions will be coming back)

Q: How will accounts work?

A: If you played battle nations before its original shut down, sadly your account has been lost.  All new accounts will be cross platform once the game is released on them (PC[Mac] --> Android  --> IOS).  Before that point you can make a temporary early access account and play the beta if you are a patron.

Where to Join?[]

There are a number of places where you can join this growing community of supporters!  Check out the various links bellow:

Battle Nations Reddit

Battle Nations Discord

Battle Nations Website