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I have a goal when it comes to this wiki. Rather than see it sit idle, giving into the death of Z2 and shut down of the game, I want to use the wiki as a tool. It’s still semi frequent we see people pass through the wiki for nostalgia. Rather than greeting them with a reminder the game shut down, we should greet them with encouragement!

  1. Engage with the Remake: there is currently an enormous group of followers tracking the development of Battle Nations Rewritten. With 3k+ followers, putting Our support behind them would possibly bring additional funding and support needed to increase the pace of progress. As an admin on the battlenations subreddit I’ve already done this and in a handful of hours some more for it then the previous have in years, possibly ever.
  2. Update and Fresh Message: various Z2 and community links now lead nowhere. In addition, the giant “shut down” message on the front probably hurts would be supporters. Instead, using a “history” page to explain the games shut down (off the front page) would likely reduce negative association.
  3. Re-organize: this wiki is very well laid out, with a few exceptions. Primarily, there is no link to characters through the wiki itself. A few similar issues exist. By renaming and touching up the Layout of the wiki, we can help people have positive experiences on the wiki

this is my plan if I become an administrator You’ll notice that all of these things require administrator privilege. Sadly I came into the wiki late, and most of the hard work that would let me contribute and make edits has been taken care of. the result is I dont have a long list of contributioms. But with administrator privileges I could rectify that.

If you need proof, check out the Battle Nations subreddit. Before me, it only had default settings. In a few hours I’ve added thematics, pictures, awards and information that had been missing For Years! I’m still finding more work to bring it greater exposure to the public and improved experience.

thank you for your consideration