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The Battle of Magnessan was a major battle between The Empire and the Rebel Army. Numerous stories of the battle describe the city of Magnessan "going out like a light being turned off". It is believed that the city was being held under the control of the Rebel Army and was later liberated by The Empire.

During the mission Forward Momentum, the Battle of Magnessan was mentioned by an Imperial Saboteur who was helping Perkins and Ramsey liberate Greenborough from Rebel Forces who had established a base there. He says that he used a similar strategy that they were using to liberate Greenborough in the Battle of Magnessan.

Strategy Used During the Battle of Magnessan and in Greenborough[]

During the Battle of Magnessan, the Saboteur took out the guards at the watch posts while the guard shifts were changing, which cleared a path for the Imperial Army to get through, and then proceeded to move into the central part of the city and destroy the opposition from within.

Missions Mentioned In[]

Forward Momentum[]

Level: 28 Prereq: Spy Versus Spy
Npc saboteur full Knowing when and where to put pressure is key. NpcRebel icon Travel to the Rebel scout's encampment
NpcRebel icon Attack the Rebel Watch-post
Reward: XP 1,250
Followup: Words With Enemies, To Greenborough!
Start mission
Npc saboteur full If we take out this watchpost silently, we can move into the town and finish the job before they know what hit 'em. I used that trick back at the Battle of Magnessan.
Npc sergeant full Magnessan?
I've heard the stories, but... you were there? They say the city went out like a light being turned off. What was it li-
Npc saboteur full The watch is changing!
We have to move - before the new shift reaches their lookout!
Finish mission
Npc saboteur full I've disrupted their defenses. Return to your outpost and rally a squadron to return here and take the town.
Npc noob full What about you?
Won't you come with us?
Npc saboteur full I'll stay here and make sure they don't escape or call for help. Guerrilla tactics will make them think there's a much larger force pinning them down, then you can bring the 95th Rifles and finish them off.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full Come on, Perkins. Let's go.