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Behemoth Tree
Comp civOrchard lifetree icon
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type Shops
Size Size 5 x 5
Unlocked Level 15, Mission, Unique
Gold Gold 20,000
Wood Wood 1,000
Construction Time Time 6h
Sell Price Wood 500
Reward for Raiding Gold 150
Reward for Occupation Gold 570

"Complete the 'Save The Trees'! Missions to win this prize! Gives gold, wood, and XP! Declare your commitment to preventing topsoil erosion and raptor flooding with this enormous statement to nature. Water twice a day, avoid direct sunlight."
— In-game Description


The Behemoth Tree is a limited time structure that produces Gold 1,000, Wood 500 and XP 1,000 per day (24h).


Arbor Day themed event available from April 7 to 25, 2014 for players level 15 and up.

Save The Trees![]

Level: 15
Npc engineer full~ipad This is what Morgan gets for leaving me in the pillbox with nothing but a chainsaw… Deco tree10 icon Plant 1 Pine Tree
Reward: XP 250
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Well, this is unfortunate. Topsoil erosions from our constant depletion of natural resources have a high chance of causing flash floods the next time it rains. This could cause tremendous damage to our infrastructure in the Outpost.
Morgan2 That sounds… terrible.
Terrible because you're telling me, and your voice is all whiny, and it sounds like it's really not my problem. I mean, aren't you the civil engineer?
Npc engineer full~ipad Actually, to be precise, it's all of our problems.
In order to plant enough trees in time for the next predicted storm, we'll all have to pitch in to help.
Morgan2 Oh, and I suppose you're gonna say we have to plant a bunch of different trees for "ecological diversity" or some other made up reason.
Npc engineer full~ipad Yes, that's exactly what I was going to say.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad Are you aware that you're breathing trees right now?

Npc mechanic full~ipad I 'eard about a flood that swept through the Raptor Nest and right into Recoil. People were eatin' dinner and -BAM- raptors slammed right in the puddin'. S spiderwasp worker icon Defeat Invading Spiderwasps
Deco arbor tree 10 icon Plant all 10 Trees
Reward: XP 1,000, Resource-nanopod 35
Notes: The build times and level requirements of the trees were changed after the event.
Name Resource-time Gold Cost XP
Pine Tree 1d 2,000 250
Chestnut Tree 1d 8h 4,000 300
Birch Tree 1d 10h 8,000 300
Linden Tree 1d 20h 16,000 350
Sugar Maple Tree 2d 32,000 400
Sycamore Tree 2d 45,000 400
Hickory Tree 2d 64,000 400
Poplar Tree 2d 2h 82,000 450
Douglas Fir 2d 4h 100,000 450
Red Leaf Maple 2d 4h 120,000 500
Total 18d 473,000 3,800
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Perkins, I told you to plant trees over in that area. I know you like working beside me, but this is about efficiency, not comradery.
Npc noob full I swore I just planted some–
Oh god, spiderwasps are eating the trees.
Morgan2 Well, isn't that conveniently horrible. Y'know, I hated this idea in the first place. Let the spiderwasps eat the trees, for all I care.
Npc engineer full~ipad Morgan, if we don't plant these trees we could all be in dire trouble! Think of your troop...think of the boot factory! Do you want the boot factory to be washed away?
Morgan2 Fiiiiiine.
We'll plant the trees. But I am getting rid of these spiderwasps and you better not say a word about "The Environment" or "Humane Practices" or anything!
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad We did it! To be honest, I didn't think we'd plant enough trees in time.
Morgan2 A 'Good Job Everybody' would be nice, Floyd!
I've got to go wash the spiderwasp ichor out of my pants. And by me, I mean Perkins.
Npc mechanic full~ipad At least we won't be eaten by swimmin' raptors. Or spiderwasps.
Npc noob full 'Good Job' to me…
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad I mean, the trees are kind of pretty.

Morgan2 If there's anything I hate more than spiderwasps, it's hippies. Deco arbor tree 02 icon Plant 1 Chestnut Tree
Reward: XP 300
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad I am not a hippy! Am I a hippy?

Npc engineer full~ipad The same effects could have been achieved with artificial mulch, but trees are prettier! Deco arbor tree 03 icon Plant 1 Birch Tree
Reward: XP 300
Reward screen
Npc noob full I thought those were flowers, but it was spiderwasp mandibles…

Morgan2 Our next Outpost should be underground. Flowers and trees will be banned. Deco arbor tree 04 icon Plant 1 Linden Tree
Reward: XP 350
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad Happy trees make somewhat enthusiastic people.

Morgan2 I mean, what kinda fact do we have that removing all trees on the planet would be bad? Deco arbor tree 05 icon Plant 1 Sugar Maple Tree
Reward: XP 400
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad I ain't being eaten by no flash flood, swimming raptors.

Npc engineer full~ipad Chaining yourself to a tree is quite an exhilarating experience. Deco arbor tree 06 icon Plant 1 Sycamore Tree
Reward: XP 400
Reward screen
Npc noob full Remember that old nursery rhyme? Why would you put a baby cradle in a tree? That's horrifying!

Npc mechanic full~ipad I planted a few "trap trees".. don't tell anyone. Deco arbor tree 07 icon Plant 1 Hickory Tree
Reward: XP 400
Reward screen
Npc noob full At night I sing to the saplings so they'll grow up with high self-esteem and a knowledge of their culture.

Npc raiderkids full I wanna build a tree fort! With machine guns! And sugar cookies! And bombs that look like sugar cookies! Deco arbor tree 08 icon Plant 1 Poplar Tree
Reward: XP 450
Reward screen
Npc raider ltcrazylady full The trees whisper secrets of a fallen empire. Destruction comes from the roots.

Npc saboteur full I was going to attack, but they all seem to be busy planting trees and I'd feel kinda bad about it. Deco tree09 icon Plant 1 Douglas Fir
Reward: XP 450
Reward screen
Morgan2 Waking up to the smell of trees in the morning is a nauseating experience.

Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Once I asked Morgan to help us plant trees that he burned down and he just wouldn't stop laughing… Deco arbor tree 10 icon Plant 1 Red Leaf Maple
Reward: XP 500
Reward screen
Npc raider full The sap of certain trees is used as a ritual hallucinogenic.