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Location level 35
Assistable Yes
Attackable No
Spawns  •   Silver Wolves
 •   Angry Civilians

"Opinions range from "charmingly bucolic" to "essentially medieval.""
— In-game Description


Bernmoth is one of the major towns in the Southern Frontier. Its mayor, Judge Pierce, asks you to help them in many matters, which gives you several missions pertaining to the city during the second chapter of the story, released in the 2.0 Patch.

Bernmoth has a number of farms that can be assisted in return for small sums of Gold and a chance at Merits, much like sending help to other players. Also, after a certain point in the main story, groups of Silver Wolves and Angry Civilians will start spawning there. They can be fought for large amounts of Gold, Skill Points, and a chance at getting Bars and Gears.

Traveling to Bernmoth activates Wild West-style music. The same happens in Trotbeck.


  • Seems to have a destroyed raider Bombard Cannon in the destroyed quarry/mine
  • Uses a Frontier Stone Quarry, an unreleased building that was found in the game's files.