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Big Tonka's Mountain Ride
Comp deco rollerCoaster icon
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Shops
Bonus Applied XP +2% Gold +8%
Bonus Radius 8
Limit per Building 1 Prestige
Size Size 5 x 5
Unlocked Level 65, Unique
Gold Gold 250,000
Concrete Concrete 5,000
Lumber Lumber 10,000
Prestige Stars Star 45
Sell Price Gold 20,000 Concrete 100 Lumber 500
Reward for Raiding Gold 25
Reward for Occupation Gold 95

"Bring a little fun to the Outpost with a non-government approved rollercoaster ride. We are not responsible for death, dismemberment, or injury, but it sure would be fun to watch."
— In-game Description


The Big Tonka's Mountain Ride is a Prestige statue added in the 3.2 Patch over a server-side update, together with the Annual Jubilee Charity Drive and Level 65 Commemorative Statue, costing 45 Star and Tier 2 resources. It boosts shops' XP and Gold by 2% and 8% respectively, which is relatively low when compared to other Star-costing statues released in the previous patches. However, this building is still a must-have for serious trophy collectors, just for boasting rights.

It is good to note that the boosts this statue gives do not stack up with the boosts from other Prestige statues like the Shattered Monument.

This is the biggest decoration up to date.

Following another server-side update, this Decoration now has an animation of a Trooper riding the rollercoaster.


3.2 Patch

  • Decoration added.



Deco rollercoaster