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Encounter bigFoot1 icon
Bigfoot Invasion
Event Type Invasion
Enemy Faction(s) Bigfoots
Active April 9th - April 16th, 2013
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Special Encounters Encounter bigFoot1 icon (Spawnrate increased)
Notes Droprate Teeth increased
"Hordes of big, smelly, hungry, bloodthirsty Bigfoots are coming to get you! They're bringing along some of their favorite critter friends as well. For the next week, until Tuesday, you'll want to ready your troops and defenses, and start planning how you'll use victory spoils of extra Teeth, Gold, and SP!"
— Ikki


The Bigfoot Invasion (also named "Sasquatch Invasion") is a special invasion event [1]. During this event, Bigfoot encounters (along with other Critters) are more likely to spawn and are more likely to drop Teeth Teeth.

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