• ZaneOlric

    Battle Nations Rewritten

    February 7, 2020 by ZaneOlric

    While Battle Nations is no longer supported by an official company, community creators are in the process of rebuilding the game from the ground up.  The work is steadily moving forward and they even have alpha builds running!  

    Q: Will everything from the original game be present in the remake?

    A: Yes.  While the sheer amount of content the game had will take a while to impliment, every unit, building, and mission from the original will be implimented.

    Q: Are micro-transactions going to be in the game?

    A: No!  While the exact mechanic is still being discussed, items that required real currency purchases such as nanopods will now be available in game for free.

    Q: How will accounts work?

    A: If you played battle nations before its original shut d…

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  • Lapo90

    How's Life?

    November 5, 2017 by Lapo90

    Ahoy! It's me!

    It's been so long since I've been here. What's up? :)

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  • Xennar

    The final struggle

    September 27, 2016 by Xennar

    Got in the game for the last resources collection and shut down most the buildings to send most of my workers back to idle. Took a few screenshots of my outpost for memory's sake. Emptied out the garrisons and gave the last remaining soldiers and workers in the mills their well deserved holiday. Just a few more hours and the life support of BN will be cut. I want to just take this moment to thank everyone, strangers, friends and enemies alike for all the experience I had over the years. :) I've had enjoyable moments from first watching my shock trooper doing three critical hits to sad moments where I lost to constructs as a newbie over multiple attempts.

    I just want to share some of my experiece here because I do not think I will visit this…

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  • Tower1056

    Battle Nations Shall Live On

    September 18, 2016 by Tower1056

    Hello there! My in game and wiki name is Tower1056. Nice to meet you ^^

    From what Lapo90 (one of the admins of the wiki said), chances of bringing battle nations up again... doesn't seem that likely.

    But, it isn't all over.

    You know that saying that as long as you keep a memory of a precious thing close to your heart, it will always be with you? Well... I've kind of expanded that heart into a group. A place where we can remember the good times.

    Yea, yea I know. It's not as fun as playing the game itself, but it will, in my hopes and wishes, be a group where we can talk and keep the game alive in our hearts. In our memories.

    But a group can't be a group without members. The community needs to fill it.

    The group I have created is on Deviant Art, m…

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  • Lapo90

    The Battle Nations servers are officially shutting down as of September 28th 2016

    Sorry, just trying to stay real.

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  • Lasseaj

    Hey guys,

    Isn't there any possible way to try and get z2 back working on this game, it just seems like there are still a lot of people interested in the game even so long after they have last worked on the game. Perhaps we could make a collective effort to tell them that RoT is sooo dead and will never gain the same heights as this. Any suggestions on how?? 

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  • Enchilada supremo


    June 1, 2016 by Enchilada supremo

    Okay, so we all know z2 just unceremoniously dropped bn. BUT WHAT IF... it was cuz no one was buying nanos, ie not making bn worth the effort. After all, bn by itself is free. WHAT IF.... we got like 30 people to all buy $5 to $10 on nanos? Would they bring it back? Realize all they had lost? Plz reply to say if u think it would work and if you would do it. thx just a theory.

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  • Xx Dankmemer420 xX

    I killed this guy with just a battle raptor, 2 scouts and a mortar

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  • HaEretz

    Help with a mission

    February 5, 2016 by HaEretz

    Please can somebody help me with a problem that I'm having with the 'Rebelling against the Rebellion' mission it says that I have to build a Scraphouse, noe I have just levelled up to level 66 and obviously am able to build a house of some description, it will allow me to build a Hovel but it will not allow me to build a Scraphouse. How do I get to build a Scraphouse under the above conditions? Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.Cheers.Stuart AKA HaEretz.

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  • Generalwarfield

    A small question

    January 26, 2016 by Generalwarfield

    Hi guys I was just asking whether to clarify if you actually get the 10 nanopod rewards after filling up the prestige bar, similarly as to levling up. Thank you in advance. 

    I'am planning to invest in 6 HomeDefense Expos for prestige grinding.

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  • N0vaga5

    State of the Game

    January 26, 2016 by N0vaga5

    Hopefully the game won't die, but there hasn't been much activity from the devs other than a 2x SP event after BS 21.

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  • Lapo90


    January 21, 2016 by Lapo90

    Dear fellow wiki users,

    A long time has past since there was any interesting new content for Battle Nations. As a result, there was not a lot to do in-game as well as on the wiki. I can say I've taken a complete break from the game since two months now. With the lack of new content and some frustrations regarding the way the battle nations team treated their fanbase (silence), I also find myself logging into the wiki less and less.

    Since I've spent a lot of time working on this wiki and having loads of fun with its users and administrators, I feel obliged to at least leave a note in the form of a blog post instead of silently disappearing from the radar (like Z2).

    During my time as a wiki contributor, and later as administrator, I've seen thi…

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  • Zer0Sniper

    On level 47 you have access to Bigfoot Country . There are no enemy armies in this area - besides the missions. But you can raid on this territory. For every battle you earn 476 sp and about 2500 gold. With light Chem Tank or many other units doing damage in more than one field this can be done in 3 turns and every battle takes only 30 seconds. Without boost you can make up to 72.000 sp and 350.000 gold per hour.

    There are some combinations when one can get as many sp per hour by using heavy farms with walls or fences and promoting demolishers (assuming a in-game friend supports you with constant drops; no double use of course), but usually farms will give max 40.000 sp per hour.

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  • Julianz2

    I need some serious help with a glitch. Basically someone occupied me and I went to collect my concrete and it was like that. It went from 11 minutes to 9 days. Please comment your advice. I have already defeated his occpuation and logged out of my account.

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  • Takeitplease

    5 antigravity tanks, 3 mech troopers, 3 mech tanks, 3 mech artilleries, 2 jedreks, 3 weapon technicians, 3 legendary raptors, 6 legendary sandworms, 1 suv, 6 MK2s, 8 elemental rovers/nomad, 5 eggs, 2 sinister frags, 2 dexter frags, 3 melee frags, 2 ranged frags, 2 phalanx tanks, advanced hospital, advanced repair bay, 10 high capacity vaults, and 600 nanos. Wimps, goons, nomads, LSWs, ranged frag, plasma artillery all maxed. Taking offers.

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  • Infinityblade2995

    Will BN revive?

    October 30, 2015 by Infinityblade2995

    This blog post is to see if anyone thinks BN can somehow revive and come back to how it was before. You know, the game has been taken of Steam, and also nothing much has really happened (I blame King for that rather than Z2). But still, do you think this game can somehow revive? By going back on Steam or something or maybe more updates and stuff? Is anyone else hoping this game will revive and become a really really great game again? Yeah ok, I can imagine people telling me this blog post is stupid, cause I don't really know why I'm writing this. Anyway, this post still serves a purpose, so yeah (my ending to every sort of speech lol)

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  • Peaskey

    1000 edits

    October 13, 2015 by Peaskey

    Finally 1000 edits

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  • Enchilada supremo

    The best unit people start with is... the Mortar team. Although some might not agree, the mortar team is the best unit to utilize in the start of the game. It is powerful for the beginning, and it teaches you how to handle artillery units later on.

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  • Advertiser

    Need help...

    October 1, 2015 by Advertiser

    Hello, I am Advertiser aka Fried Nugget, and I need help and strategies to get to the concrete plant. I'm level 26, and my storage is 3000 of stone, wood, iron, concrete, coal, oil, lumber, and steel. Did I miss something here? Also, I don't spend money for nanopods, I'm a young player.

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  • Zer0Sniper

    Many of the bn player go for level 70 but they don't want to do it just by shops, they want to do missions, contribute in events and fight bosses during the time they advance to level 70 (and continue when they are there). BTW: Heading for lvl 70 just running shops can be done in 5 months.

    Unfortunately there are many different units needed to be kind of a good bn player - and even more not needed at all (just for collectors). I want to give some advise which units are good to spend ressources and time:

    • Level 1: Trooper are widely underestimated. Use the chance to rank them as soon as possible - meaning don't fight with other units unless neccessary for doing missions (and give the the sp to the trooper).
    • Level 12: The Wimp can dominate if yo…
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  • Peaskey

    Probable Boss Strike Date

    September 15, 2015 by Peaskey

    Maybe after 2.5 years when they get the $105 million

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  • Peaskey

    Z2 copied me

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  • Commando Droid C1930

    I decided i would use Lieutenant Morgan as the character for Akinator to guess thinking that not many people know about BN. On his second Character guess and with me being overly vague AKINATOR GUESSED LIEUTENENT MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Clownfishten

    When the game succumbs be it in a day or a decade us diehard fans or bored peaples should take it on to ourselfs for the continuation and proliferation of this great game. The worst of us can Photoshop new units and come up with ideas and the scattered graphic designers, narrativly gifted and those who understand coding could easily be as effective as z2 in its current state. We together could rehash old ideas and community favorites to make medics or kicking wimps and mabye if we really collaborated and pushed it new events if z2 ultimately fails us. This is not a first option nor should ever be brought online while bn servers are still up due to legal issues that could emerge and redundancy. This should be started now as a contingency as…

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  • Lamosq1027

    Scientists hate him!

    July 26, 2015 by Lamosq1027

    Always wanted a kick-ass infobox display like Dr. Tessel? Envy no more for Template:UserInfoBox has finally arrived! The top medical researchers in the world have been trying to find ways to create such a stylish but totally customizable way to display YOUR most BASIC information but only now have the geologists finally found it!

    Add one to YOUR user page today for the low low cost of $0!

    That's right! You heard me, $0! You won't find it anywhere else with such a jaw-dropping great deal! Hurry, we only have an unlimited supply, so they'll be off the shelves before you know it!

    Want to see it in action?

    You do?!


    We hope you enjoyed this infomercial. Now back to your rescheduled programming.
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  • Ghost203
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  • Peaskey

    Favourite animation

    June 28, 2015 by Peaskey

    What is your favourite animation in this game?

    This is mine:

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  • Zer0Sniper

    You only encounter maxed promo units, maxed fragments or powerful rewards from arena challenge or boss strike? And you can't beat them with your normal units?

    No problem, you need other arena defenses you can beat without losses!

    In the Arena a (hidden) score exists. This score controls the player/defenses you encounter. With a higher score the enemys are stronger, have higher level and the units have higher ranks. The key to more wins in arena is to lower this hidden score by loosing some arena battles - don't bother if you find enemys to strong there's no drawback for you on the long run. To lower the arena score place some units like wimp, trooper and arsonist (no matter which rank, low healing cost is all what's important), fire one shot…

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  • BNBoss

    Well guys, thus unfortunately is my last day on this wiki or any other wiki until summer is over. My home computer sucks several kinds of things when it comes to wikipedia and i have to turn in my Macbook tommorow morning. I'll be back when the summer is over.

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  • Peaskey


    March 29, 2015 by Peaskey

    420 edits blaze it

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  • BNBoss

    Hit and Heal game

    March 27, 2015 by BNBoss

    Ok this is a game of Hit and Heal.

    Basically its like this:

    Tell me what unit you hit (Trooper, Grenadier, Shock Trooper, Gunner or Ranger) and i will use a dice rolling program to determine how much damage it does to the unit. Healing heals for 10. Were using the R1 health, however if you can keep a unit alive and heal it 3 times in a row, it gets R2 health. Then 5 times, and adding 2 times more per rank.

    The main rule is that you can only comment ONCE before someone else comments a Hit and Heal. So everyother comment you can make your own comment.



    Shock Trooper-90



    If you want some more units (Only units going up to Ranger are allowed and no promo), then post and ill use dice roller to determine if its …

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  • JS999


    March 22, 2015 by JS999

    I can't wait anymore!!!!

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  • Drullkus

    Be sure to comment on this thread!

    Hey guys! You probably remember me as the guy who made Lego Battle Nations units. Hi!

    As some of you may know (maybe 5% of you guys), I play minecraft when I'm not playing Battle Nations! I work on a minecraft mod called Chisel 2. I do a little of the programming for the mod but most of the time I'm making the art.

    Just a little while back I made new art based on the themes of Battle Nations... Introducing two new blocks, Imperialistic Blocks and Rebellious Blocks! It's almost like having Battle Nations in Minecraft! It's not released right now, but it will be released soon™!

    It is a decorative minecraft mod for Minecraft version 1.7.10 that runs off of the Minecraft Forge api. It adds a tool called the Iron…

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  • Shabbyknight

    Update Hub

    March 5, 2015 by Shabbyknight

    Some raw information on new updates. *Friendly Reminder: Information presented here are subjected to changes & errors.

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  • Zer0Sniper

    For the arena we have to distinguish two cases

    1. During Arena Challenges
    During Arena Challenge one looses points if the defense is defeated. So this has to be avoided by a good and versatile defense. There's no ideal defense as this depends on the own units, their ranks and the player level.
    2. No Arena Challenge ongoing
    You win a small amount of gold if your defense wins. And you loose nothing if your defense looses. Nobody will attack you if you have a strong defense - nothing to win for you and the others. But you can profit from the arena by attacking defenses with drop formations:
    • 2 Wimp (r6) in second or third row
    • 2 Lightning Dragoon on the side
    • Light Chemical Tank on the side
    • Chucker in first row
    • Sandbags or Portable Walls if you don't hav…
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  • Novation

    Great OST

    February 20, 2015 by Novation

    Madoka Magica!

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  • Zer0Sniper

    The number of mines and tier 1 ressources is very limited. OK you can upgrade to the advanced versions and double the production. I don't tell about level up the mines - one should do this to level 7 until player level 20 and level 10 for iron and stone on level 30. Not to forget to get about 6000 ressources per day by assisting friends (assuming you have more than 150 wich shouldn't be a problem). But assisting many friends is time consuming...

    So what i'm talking about is concrete, lumber and steel:

    • Lumber: You can occupy on Artificial Ponds. But these are popular. Ideal is the additional gold you get as reward.
    • Concrete: There's no good way to obtain concrete other than assisting or occupying on Concrete Plants/Adv. Concrete Plants. As i m…
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  • Lapo90

    So, this was posted on the Official Z2 Forum today:


    It is with great pleasure that I present to you what’s in store for the future of Battle Nations. Over the past few months we have worked hard to devise a schedule of events that will keep you both entertained and engaged with the game we all love. So without further adieu, I present to you the major events that will occur over the next few months.

    • First up, a Limited-Time Mission (win Nanopods and exclusive deco!), an old-school Invasion Event, and one of the baddest creatures to ever enter combat.
    • Boss Strike is back! Boss Strike 17 as promised, coming in February.
    • And looking further into the future, the team is working hard right now to bring you Guild vs. Guild and the next wave of ba…
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  • Ghost23456


    January 2, 2015 by Ghost23456

    | maxassists = 1 | assistbonus = | assistreward = | raidreward = | occupyreward = }}

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  • Novation

    In-game Animation Error

    December 27, 2014 by Novation

    Should I contact Z2 for this?

    Everytime I take down that enemy Power Boat in the top left, the circle loading thingy remains there. In other words, I can't kill it >.<

    This is also a mission :/

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  • Lapo90

    So the Battle Nations team took some time to reflect on the first Arena Challenge and its flaws:

    Greetings, Commanders -

    When we introduced the Arena Challenge, our goal was to bring our community of players an exciting new Guild event. After taking time to reflect and listening to your feedback, it’s clear that there’s room for improvement. Going forward, we’re fully committed to making things better for you.

    Working with valued players such as yourself, the Battle Nations development team is fully committed to implementing the following changes before the next event goes live:

    • No more 5 Plasma Tank formations! Players can prepare async defense using no more than 2 of any particular unit (in offensive and defensive formations).
    • More prizes! E…

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  • Bobmath

    Plasma Tank Formations

    December 23, 2014 by Bobmath

    Thanks to everyone who ran these Plasma Tank formations during the Arena event.

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  • JosephHawk


    December 18, 2014 by JosephHawk

    Howdy all,

    This is just an announcement: I am going to be taking a break from Battle Nations for a while. Life has gotten just a tad too busy, and I can no longer dedicate myself to the game.


    I shall always be active on this wiki. It's honestly, as the expression goes, "my little baby." I've been here for a while, and I've seen users and admins come and go, but I assure you I'm going to always be checking the wiki daily. If you ever need something, send a message to me. ;)

    So, I just wanted to make sure everyone would know that. So, you can send friend requests to my account (SlicerDarkNight), but I probably won't see 'em.

    So that's it. Cheers everyone, and Merry Christmas!

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  • Rabbid Nugget

    First Promo?

    December 11, 2014 by Rabbid Nugget

    I know this may be a stupid question but what was the first Promotional unit in Battle Nations? I know the Raider Recruit was the first leveled Promotional unit. Just Asking.

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  • Drullkus

    Hey you, ! Check out my fabulous brand-new Message wall greeter! Totally not flashing.

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  • Lamosq1027

    Emperor Conrad: Not Again

    November 16, 2014 by Lamosq1027

    Hey all,

    I'm bringing up my Emperor Conrad: Emperor Who? questions up again in light of the new information we have received from the 4.5 Patch (most particularly, the Sovereign Navy).

    Here's some background information first:

    [Official Web Profile] Sharpshooter onto something here?

    Thanks for reading my increasingly longer blog posts !

    ~ i am mosq1027

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  • Lamosq1027

    Below you will find the entire lineup of 4.5 Patch missions, aka, all the new naval missions, in their glorious entirety! Happy binge reading!

    EDIT: Heyo everyone, Drullkus here. Here is your first mission (with Resource Unit rewards) and second mission (Nanopod Unit reward!) that gives you free units. Click on them to find out! Enjoy! :p [ Drullkus Industries. "Abusing infinity to new levels." 05:10, November 15, 2014 (UTC) ]

    | desc = Oh Cool! War ships! Why didn't you tell me earlier? | reward = | followup = Flotsam | goal1 = Naval Battle at the Outpost | goal1image = | game file name = n01_INTRO_010_contact }}

    Start mission
    Lieutenant Morgan, sir?
    Perkins, it's a wonderful day. The sun is out with…

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  • Rabbid Nugget

    Naval Units Update Poll

    November 13, 2014 by Rabbid Nugget

    Greetings ,

    This poll is about the most recent update as of 11/13/2014, this update introduces 6 new naval units you can train:

    Thank you for you time in voting, I wanted to see the communities opinion on this

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  • Seveen777

    never knew

    November 12, 2014 by Seveen777

    never knew you can have 4 crawlers

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  • Zer0Sniper

    I wondered why you can find some facts about the different Levels, but the important things - nobody told me or i can read about (or i had been to stupid to find).

    So i make my own list.

    • Level 12: The Wimp can be trained. And you can occupy on other bases for ressources and gold.
    • Level 30: The Permits Office can be build and more population gained. But level up this building higher than level 2 takes longer than a normal player needs to level up and increase population.
    • Level 34: The Large Warehouse can be built - to get rid of all smaller non-Nanopod warehouses and free population to be send to mines, mills and shops.
    • Level 41: On this level boss strike battles are much harder than on level 40, or not to win without max ranked up units. Yes, bo…
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