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Npc-portrait-Big Game HunterS trooper bigGameHunter back idle
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliation None
Weapon Dart Gun
"So I was out in the never-never, trying to rustle up a few of them big chooks for breakfast, when I ran into... ... the Ridgy-Didge."
— Bogan


Bogan, referred to as Big Game Hunter in dialogue, is an animal hunter who lives in his house in the Northern Frontier.

Bogan was introduced during the limited-time Big Game Hunter event, helping the player remove various Sandworms from the Outpost. He later reappears in the 2.9 Patch, asking the Outpost for help because a group of semi-intelligent Sandworms are attacking him in coordination. It is revealed that the Emperor Sandworm is the cause of this.


Bogan's early history is unknown.

When Bogan reappears in the 2.9 Patch, he is being chased by a group of Sandworms. He runs to the Outpost for help, but in the process leads his Sandworm pursuers to the Outpost, where they are subsequently killed by the player. Bogan explains that he believes that the Sandworms were chasing him because he captured the "Ridgy-Didge", describing his newly captured game as the biggest, nastiest, and toothiest Sandworm he had ever seen. Floyd's curiosity about the Emperor Sandworm species and Lt. Morgan's profit radar, upon hearing how much teeth the Ridgy-Didge possessed, are piqued, and a series of missions to hunt high-level Sandworms ensues.

During these missions, Bogan participates in numerous battles, with the Big Game Hunter unit representing his character. Bogan's Big Game Hunter unit shares rank and Resource-SP SP with any other Big Game Hunters the player has trained.

After the Emperor Sandworm is killed, Bogan finds his house destroyed during the battle. Morgan offers him no other consolation than a job offering in the Imperial Army and leaves with a handful of teeth from the Emperor Sandworm.


  • It is possible the pens containing animals Bogan had previously captured were also destroyed during the battle against the Emperor Sandworm, explaining why whenever the player visits Bogan's House, animals have overrun his estate.
  • Bogan is the first character whose first and last names are both known. Early in his dialogue, he states that "Mr. Hunter is my old man's name," implying that his own last name is Hunter.
  • According to the way his dialogue is scripted, he appears to speak in an Australian accent.
  • Although Bogan is a unique character, like Perkins or Chuck, his dialogue name is still "Big Game Hunter".
  • Bogan is an Australian and New Zealand slang word that is used to describe someone with a low-working class background.
  • He is possibly based on Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.