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DISCLAMER: This is NOT a playable Boss strike, and all of the information was found in the game files. Proof.

Description: "Warlord Gantas is back in a very temporary, placeholder way, to prove he is strong enough to challenge even those powerful enough to face The Boss Strike Beta. Team up with your guildmates to battle him. The more waves of enemies you defeat, the more prizes you and your guild will earn. This is your only chance to ever earn the Rainbow Powered Unicorn Trooper!"

"Warlord Gantas is our placeholder boss. Defeat his forces to earn awesome prizes, like the Not-Actually-in-the-Game Unicorn Trooper!"

Players donated Steel 1000 for 2500 points.

Tier Reward Points to earn Total points earned
1 Steel 3,000 200 200
2 Teeth 5 5,000 5,200
3 Mammoth Tank 20,000 25,200
4 Bars 2 90,000 115,200
5 Skulls 10 315,000 430,200
6 Resource-chem 30 790,000 1,220,200
7 2x Railgun Troopers 2,250,000 3,470,200
8 Skulls 5 4,000,000 7,470,200
9 Bars 3 6,500,000 13,970,200
10 Emperor Sandworm 10,000,000 23,970,200
11 N/A N/A N/A

This is a beta boss strike and was never made playable to players, but was used by devs only to finalize the Boss Strike testing.