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Npc sw event boss mission
Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Event Type Boss Strike
Point Type BSPoints Boss Strike Points
Enemy Faction(s) Silver Wolves
Active August 28th - September 1st, 2014
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus Guild Weighting
Donation Resource Concrete Concrete
Status Effects BN iconCold Environmental Cold DoT
BN iconFire Environmental Fire DoT
Unique Rewards Air sw plane icon Silverwolf Crop Buster
Air sw whirlybird icon Silverwolf Chunook
Veh sw tank icon Thresher Tank
Promotional Unit Veh elemental rover icon Nomad Resource-nanopod 79
Special Encounters ChallengeEncounter SilverWolves icon Challenge Wave
"The Silver Wolves are back with improved defenses and are demanding to battle you in their backyard and other hostile environments. The more waves of enemies you defeat, the more prizes you and your guild will earn, including exclusive units."
— In-game Description


Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid is the thirteenth Boss Strike event, re-introducing Shrow and featuring Silver Wolf units scaled to each player's level.

Some changes were made to the Boss Strike System [1]:

  • No unit limitations
  • Fire or Cold Environmental DoT (see: Environmental Damage over Time). Silver Wolf units (both player and enemy) have been given temporary StatusEffect-fire Fire DoT immunity for the duration of the event.
  • Challenge waves
  • Guild Weight increase

This event also introduced one unique Vehicle. The Silverwolf Crop Buster and the Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter reappeared as rewards during the event. These units were rewarded for completing a certain amount of Tiers during the Boss Strike.

Players had the option to either donate Concrete Concrete or "FIGHT!" 2-5 wave formations made up of enemy units, with both options yielding a considerate amount of BSPoints Boss Points that would be added to the guild's Tier pool.


Tier Rewards Points awarded Points to earn Total points
1 Oil 3,000 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 100 4,400 4,400
2 Bars 20 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 200 20,080 24,480
3 Air sw plane icon Silverwolf Crop Buster Concrete 1,000BSPoints 300 65,760 90,240
4 Resource-chem 25 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 400 170,880 261,120
5 Resource-nanopod 45 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 500 357,360 618,480
6 Teeth 50 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 600 651,040 1,269,520
7 Air sw whirlybird icon Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter Concrete 1,000BSPoints 700 1,010,880 2,280,400
8 Resource-widget 20 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 800 1,517,840 3,798,240
9 Resource-nanopod 95 Concrete 1,000BSPoints 900 2,775,120 6,573,360
10 Veh sw tank icon Thresher Tank Concrete 1,000BSPoints 1,000 5,634,560 12,207,920
11 Veh sw tank icon Thresher Tank Concrete 1,000BSPoints 1,000 11,269,120 23,477,040
12 Veh sw tank icon Thresher Tank Concrete 1,000BSPoints 1,000 22,538,240 46,015,280


Unit Levels
Alpha Wolf Truck 36-70
Armored Pillbox 21-55
Blockhouse 31-70
Concrete Wall 31-70
Converted Garbage Truck 16-70
Elite Wolf Grenadier 46-70
Flame Turret 31-40
Granite Boulder 46-55
Heavy Arctic Tank 51-70
Laser Wolf 36-70
Magic Cruel Bus 41-70
Pillbox 11-35
Recycled Garbage Truck 46-70
Reinforced Concrete Wall 61-70
Sandbag Pile 16-25
Sandbags 11-70
Silver Wolf Artillery 1-70
Silver Wolf Crusher 36-70
Silver Wolf Fury 31-70
Silver Wolf Golden Eagle 1-70
Silver Wolf Howler 46-70
Silver Wolf Judge 36-70
Silver Wolf Rainmaker 36-70
Silver Wolf Roller 16-70
Silver Wolf Slinger 31-70
Silver Wolf Thunder 46-70
Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter 16-70
Silverwolf Crop Buster 11-70
Unmanned Machine Gun Turret 61-70
Watchtower 66-70
Wolf Annihilator 41-70
Wolf Armored Truck 16-70
Wolf Bombadier 11-65
Wolf Chopper 41-70
Wolf Cruel Bus 1-70
Wolf Defender 16-65
Wolf Devastator 1-65
Wolf Enforcer 11-65
Wolf Grenadier 1-55
Wolf Gun Truck 46-70
Wolf Pickup 1-55
Wolf Punisher 1-70
Wolf Scrapper 1-55
Wolf Spartan 46-70
Wolf Thug 1-55