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Npc rebel event boss mission
2nd Lt. Dorian's Assault
Event Type Boss Strike
Point Type BSPoints Boss Strike Points
Enemy Faction(s) Rebels
Active August 14th - August 19th, 2013
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Donation Resource Lumber Lumber
Unique Rewards Air biplane icon Sopwith Spiderwasp
Air helicopter icon BC-1 Snake
Air jet fighter icon V-14 Maverick
Promotional Unit Veh anti aircraft gun premium icon AA Flak Gun Resource-nanopod 40
"2nd Lt Dorian, the Rebel strategist, has launched a Boss Strike on your outpost. Team up with your guildmates to battle him. The more waves of enemies you defeat, the more prizes you and your guild will earn, including exclusive flying units."
— In-game Description


2nd Lt. Dorian's Assault is the first Boss Strike event, introducing Rebel NPC 2nd Lieutenant Dorian and featuring Rebel units scaled to each player's level.

This event also introduced the first Air units into the game. These Air units were rewarded for completing a certain amount of Tiers during the Boss Strike.

Players had the option to either donate Lumber Lumber or "FIGHT!" 5-wave formations made up of enemy units, with both options yielding a considerate amount of BSPoints Boss Points that would be added to the guild's Tier pool.

Some changes were made to the Boss Strike System during this event [1]:

  • Boss Points for defeating a unit while in "FIGHT!" mode were increased x5.
  • Points required to complete Tier 8-10 were reduced so that they were more achievable.

Official Statement:

So, what have we learned? People love the idea of Boss Strike Events but the system needs some tweaking. We heard you loud and clear on that.

Today we worked from for hours collecting feedback, analyzing options, and digging deep into the system to figure out how to make these last few days of our first ever Boss Strike Event a better experience for you. You guys stepped up and delivered some of the most articulate, reasonable and well thought out suggestions I've seen in a long time. For that, we thank you.

Now for the news you've all been waiting for, it's time to wake up you every single member of your guild and get them in the fight because for the remainder of the Boss Strike Event all Boss Strike Points earned in battle are worth FIVE TIMES AS MUCH!!!

Yup, 5 times as much!

In addition to that, we've lowered the amount of Boss Strike Point needed to complete Tiers 8-10. So that means if you thought your guild would only make it to Tier 6, 7, or 8, now's the time to set your eyes on the prize and go get that Maverick!

Thanks again for your patience and understanding while we worked through some of the growing pains associated with our first ever Boss Strike Event. Have a great night everyone!

Now go get that Maverick!



Tier Rewards Points awarded Points to earn Total points
1 Steel 3,000 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 100 400 400
2 Teeth 5 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 750 5,000 5,400
3 Air biplane icon Sopwith Spiderwasp Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 20,000 25,400
4 Bars 15 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 90,000 115,400
5 Skulls 10 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 315,000 430,400
6 Resource-chem 30 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 790,000 1,220,400
7 Air helicopter icon BC-1 Snake Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 2,250,000 3,470,400
8 Skulls 25 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 1,150,000 4,620,400
9 Gears 50 Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 1,825,000 6,445,400
10 Air jet fighter icon V-14 Maverick Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 3,000,000 9,445,400
11 Air jet fighter icon V-14 Maverick Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 6,000,000 15,445,400
12 Air jet fighter icon V-14 Maverick Lumber 2,500BSPoints 1,200 12,000,000 27,445,400

The units rewarded are pre-ranked based on this table:

Player Level Starting
Unit Rank
<12 1
12-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4
42-50 5
51+ 6


Unit Levels
Aces 650cc 31-50
Anti-Aircraft Turret 1-15
Arctic Trooper 51-65
Aries 11-50
Armadillo 21-50
Armored Pillbox 11-50
Arsonist 1-20
Assassinater 31-40
BC-1 Snake 31-50
Basilisk 41-65
Bazooka Squad 21-40
Big Game Hunter 31-40
Bio Grenadier 31-65
Blockhouse 41-65
Boom Bus 21-40
Brimstone 31-65
Brutalizer 51-65
Chem Trooper 31-65
Chemical Sprinkler 41-50
Commando 21-65
Concrete Wall 16-65
Cryo Trooper 31-40
Death From Above 31-65
Demolitionist 16-40
Dragon 41-65
Dune Rider 11-20
Earthshaker 31-65
Elemental Trooper 51-65
Field Agent 21-30
Firedrake 21-65
Flame Trooper 16-20
Flame Turret 41-50
Frostbite 51-65
Gold Tank 31-40
Granite Boulder 11-59
Grenadier 1-20
Guerrilla 51-65
Gun Truck 21-30
Gunner 1-20
Hailstorm 21-50
Heavier Tank 41-65
Heavy Arctic Tank 51-65
Heavy Artillery 21-59
Heavy Chemical Tank 31-65
Heavy Gunner 11-30
Heavy Recon Vehicle 21-50
Heavy Tank 31-59
Hitman 31-65
Hornet 21-40
Humvee 16-20
Hunter 1-20
Imperial Dragoon 1-20
Imperial Peacemonger 31-40
Juggernaut 31-65
Junior Officer 1-20
Light Artillery 11-50
Light Chemical Tank 41-50
Light Tank 21-50
Lightning Dragoon 41-65
Lightning Tank 41-65
Lightning Tower 51-65
Lightning Trooper 41-50
Marksman 21-65
Medium Tank 11-50
Meerkat 31-40
Mega Tank 41-65
Mini Tank 11-20
Mortar Team 1-20
Mortar Truck 21-50
Ninja Trooper 31-65
Peace Keeper 51-65
Peacemaker 41-65
Pillbox 11-15
Portable Wall 31-65
Puma 21-50
RPG Trooper 31-50
Ranger 16-30
Recon Vehicle 1-20
Riot Trooper 1-20
Rocket Truck 16-50
Radio Tech 41-65
Saboteur 16-50
Salamander 31-65
Sandbag Pile 11-50
Sandbags 1-59
Scout Bike 1-20
Sharpshooter 1-20
Shock Trooper 1-20
Special Agent 31-65
Stone Slab 11-50
Super Tank 31-65
Tank Killer 21-65
Tempest 21-50
The Rock 11-15
Trooper 1-15
Turtlesheller 31-50
Unmanned Flame Turret 41-65
Unmanned Machine Gun Turret 41-65
V-14 Maverick 51-65
Veteran 21-65
Watchtower 41-50