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Npc raider event boss mission
The Battle of Shaman Kuros
Event Type Boss Strike
Point Type BSPoints Boss Strike Points
Enemy Faction(s) Raiders
Active September 4th - September 9th, 2013
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Donation Resource Concrete Concrete
Unique Rewards Air ww2 fighter icon L-60 Hawker Hurricane
Air dirigible icon ZRS-6 Dirigible
Air jet fighter 2 icon V47 KittyHawk
Promotional Unit S spiderwasp spitter icon Wasp Striker Resource-nanopod 60
(released shortly before the event)
"Raider Shaman Kuros has directed his soldiers to attack your outpost. Team up with your guildmates to battle him. The more waves of enemies you defeat, the more prizes you and your guild will earn, including exclusive flying units."
— In-game Description


The Battle of Shaman Kuros is the the second Boss Strike event, introducing Raider NPC Shaman Kuros and featuring Raider units scaled to each player's level.

This event also introduced three more new Air units. These Air units were rewarded for completing a certain amount of Tiers during the Boss Strike.

Players had the option to either donate Concrete Concrete or "FIGHT!" 5-wave formations made up of enemy units, with both options yielding a considerate amount of BSPoints Boss Points that would be added to the guild's Tier pool.

Some changes were made to the Boss Strike System during this event [1]:

  • Boss Points rewarded for completing battles and the points necessary to complete all tiers were redesigned.
  • Boss Strike encounters became based on player level.
  • Players who joined a guild mid-Boss Strike were able to receive the prizes the guild had already earned as long as they contributed at least 1 point.

Official Statement:


We wanted to make you aware of some changes we've implemented for this Boss Strike event:

1. Better balance throughout the entire event! Boss Strike points rewarded and Boss Strike points necessary to complete tiers have been completely redesigned.

2. Boss Strike encounters will now be in intervals of 5! 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, etc… This means that a level 31 player will no longer have to worry about facing level 39 enemies. Whew!

3. All previously awarded Guild Prizes (for the current Boss Strike) will now be awarded to new Guild members that join while the event is in progress. Note: for a new Guild member to retroactively receive the Boss Strike Prizes, they must contribute to the event either via battles or donations. Also, players will only be able to receive each prize once, regardless of how many Guilds they join.

In addition to the changes listed above, we're looking at adding the following to upcoming Boss Strike battles:

1. Intra-Guild Leaderboards: Quickly identify who your Guild's Top Performers are!

2. Better SP rewards.

ENJOY, and we'll see you on the battlefield!



Tier Rewards Points awarded Points to earn Total points
1 Lumber 5,000 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 875 2,500 2,500
2 Skulls 20 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,000 7,500 10,000
3 Air ww2 fighter icon L-60 Hawker Hurricane Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 20,000 30,000
4 Resource-laurels 5 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 60,000 90,000
5 Teeth 45 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 150,000 240,000
6 Resource-chem 60 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 325,000 565,000
7 Air dirigible icon ZRS-6 Dirigible Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 675,000 1,240,000
8 Resource-powder 10 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 1,350,000 2,590,000
9 Resource-widget 10 Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 2,500,000 5,090,000
10 Air jet fighter 2 icon V47 KittyHawk Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 4,410,000 9,500,000
11 Air jet fighter 2 icon V47 KittyHawk Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 8,820,000 18,320,000
12 Air jet fighter 2 icon V47 KittyHawk Concrete 2,800BSPoints 1,200 17,640,000 35,960,000

The units rewarded are pre-ranked based on this table:

Player Level Starting
Unit Rank
<12 1
12-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4
41-50 5
51+ 6


Unit Levels
"Outsider Begone" Bombard 41-65
Armored Raider Mammoth 11-50
Big Bada Boom 46-65
Boom Boom 1-50
Brutal Bombadier 41-65
Brutal Brawler 41-65
Brutal Cannoneer 46-65
Brutal Champion 46-65
Deadly Watchtower 51-65
Dust Walker 1-50
Dustwalker Dervish 46-65
Elite Outcast 46-65
Elite Skirmisher 46-65
Firebreather 1-50
Granite Boulder 16-65
Mammoth 11-65
Mammoth Elder 21-65
Mammoth Matriarch 31-65
Mammoth Rider 1-50
Mammoth Tank 26-65
Mammoth Tuskling 21-25
Raider Bombadier 1-65
Raider Brawler 1-65
Raider Cannon Recruit 1-15
Raider Cannoneer 1-65
Raider Champion 1-56
Raider Fence 11-65
Raider Grunt 1-15
Raider Outcast 11-30
Raider Rifleman 41-65
Raider Skirmisher 16-35
Raider Wall 11-65
Raider War Mammoth 11-30
Raider Warrior 1-56
Raider Watchtower 11-40
Raptor 11-65
Raptor Lord 51-65
Scythetooth Raptor 41-65
Searing Firebreather 41-65
Sharpshooter 16-20
Stone Slab 1-65
Sturdy Watchtower 26-65
The Rock 1-65
Total War Mammoth 36-65
Tough Raider Outcast 16-50
Tough Raider Skirmisher 16-50
Tough Raider War Mammoth 26-50