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Npc infected event boss mission
Infected Troops
Event Type Boss Strike
Point Type BSPoints Boss Strike Points
Enemy Faction(s) The Infected
Active November 1st - November 7th, 2013
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Donation Resource Lumber Lumber
Unique Rewards S trooper zombie spitter super icon Apex Bullfrog
S trooper zombie ninja super icon Apex Stalker
S trooper zombie tank super icon Apex Colossus
Promotional Unit S zombie hunter icon Zombie Hunter Resource-nanopod 60
"The Infected Troops have arrived at your outpost. Team up with your guildmates to battle them! The more waves of enemies you defeat, the more prizes you and your guild will earn, including exclusive infected units."
— In-game Description


Infected Troops is the fourth Boss Strike event, featuring Infected units scaled to each player's level.

This event also introduced three unique Infected units. These Infected units were rewarded for completing a certain amount of Tiers during the Boss Strike.

This Boss Strike was the first Boss Strike to award ground units, as well as awarding a total of 4 different units.

Players had the option to either donate Lumber Lumber or "FIGHT!" 5-wave formations made up of enemy units, with both options yielding a considerate amount of BSPoints Boss Points that would be added to the guild's Tier pool.


Tier Rewards Points awarded Points to earn Total points
1 Oil 2,000 Lumber 1,000BSPoints 375 4,000 4,000
2 Resource-black nanopod 10 Lumber 1,000BSPoints 430 10,000 14,000
3 S trooper zombie spitter super icon Specimen a05 "Apex Bullfrog" Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 30,000 44,000
4 Gears 30 Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 65,000 109,000
5 Resource-nanopod 25 Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 150,000 259,000
6 Resource-black nanopod 40 Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 325,000 584,000
7 S trooper zombie ninja super icon Specimen d05 "Apex Stalker" Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 660,000 1,244,000
8 S trooper zombie tank b icon Specimen e01 "Colossus" Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 1,350,000 2,594,000
9 Resource-nanopod 60 Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 2,800,000 5,394,000
10 S trooper zombie tank super icon Specimen e03 "Apex Colossus" Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 5,560,000 10,954,000
11 S trooper zombie tank super icon Specimen e03 "Apex Colossus" Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 11,120,000 22,074,000
12 S trooper zombie tank super icon Specimen e03 "Apex Colossus" Lumber 1,000BSPoints 515 22,240,000 44,314,000


Unit Levels
Granite Boulder 41-65
Specimen a01 "Proto-Bullfrog" 1-40
Specimen a03 "Advanced Bullfrog" 26-57
Specimen a04 "Archetype Bullfrog" 41-65
Specimen a05 'Apex Bullfrog' 16-65
Specimen b01 "Proto-Creeper" 1-40
Specimen b03 "Advanced Creeper" 26-57
Specimen b04 "Archetype Creeper" 41-65
Specimen c01 "Proto-Cannoneer" 1-40
Specimen c03 "Advanced Cannoneer" 26-57
Specimen c04 "Archetype Cannoneer" 41-65
Specimen d01 "Proto-Stalker" 1-40
Specimen d03 "Advanced Stalker" 26-57
Specimen d04 "Archetype Stalker" 41-65
Specimen d05 'Apex Stalker' 16-65
Specimen e01 "Colossus" 11-40
Specimen e02 "Archetype Colossus" 26-65
Specimen e03 'Apex Colossus' 16-65
Specimen f01 'Proto-Hunter' 1-40
Specimen f03 'Advanced Hunter' 31-57
Specimen f04 'Archetype Hunter' 41-65
Specimen g02 'Shredder' 1-40
Specimen g03 'Advanced Shredder' 31-57
Specimen g04 'Archetype Shredder' 41-65
Specimen h01 'Proto-Crawler' 1-40
Specimen h03 'Advanced Crawler' 31-65
Specimen h04 'Archetype Crawler' 41-65
Stone Slab 26-65
The Rock 1-57