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10 days 10 units
Breaking Into the Vault!
Event Type Sale
  1. June 19th - June 29th, 2015
  2. October 22nd - November 1st, 2015
Time Remaining Active
Boost None
"Someone broke into the Secret Vault and is releasing previous Limited-Time Units! They left us a note, telling us that over the course of 10 days, a promo unit will be liberated from captivity! To celebrate their release, all units are being offered at 25% off their original price!"
— Battle Nations Update by KoolRanch


The Breaking Into the Vault! event (or 10 Days, 10 Units event) was a promotional event released in the 4.8 Patch.

First Event[]

Beginning at 11am pst June 19th - June 29th, a past promotional unit was announced (one per day). In celebration of each unit, they were available for 25% less than their original price. This special release was available to all players level 20 and above [1].

The promotional units on sale were:

Day Unit Reduced Cost
1 Veh monster icon TANK CRUSHER Resource-nanopod 79Resource-nanopod 59
2 S raider sandworm shaman icon Raider Summoner Resource-nanopod 59Resource-nanopod 44
3 Veh armored suv icon Armored SUV Resource-nanopod 69Resource-nanopod 52
4 S samurai icon Wandering Samurai Resource-nanopod 90Resource-nanopod 68
5 Veh ancient sentry icon Ancient Sentry Resource-nanopod 69Resource-nanopod 52
6 S ancient raptor player icon Legendary Raptor Resource-nanopod 89Resource-nanopod 67
7 Veh elemental rover icon Nomad Elemental Rover Resource-nanopod 79Resource-nanopod 59
8 S armored trooper icon Mechanized Trooper Resource-nanopod 89Resource-nanopod 67
9 S scientist icon Weapon Technician Resource-nanopod 79Resource-nanopod 59
10 Ancient sandworm icon Legendary Sandworm Resource-nanopod 90Resource-nanopod 68

Second Event[]

October 22nd - November 1st.

Day Unit Reduced Cost
1 Ancient mammoth icon Legendary Mammoth Resource-nanopod 85Resource-nanopod 64
2 Ship scuba trooper icon Atmospheric Armor Trooper Resource-nanopod 75Resource-nanopod 56
3 Ancient boar player icon Legendary Boar Resource-nanopod 85 → Resource-nanopod 64
4 Veh demolisher iconDemolisher Resource-nanopod 79 → Resource-nanopod 59  
5 Creature bigfoot shaman iconBigfoot Shaman Resource-nanopod 75 → Resource-nanopod 56
6 Veh hovercraft icon Bora-Bora Hovercraft Resource-nanopod 80Resource-nanopod 60
7 Veh hovertank icon Anti-Gravity Tank Resource-nanopod 75Resource-nanopod 56
8 S trooper strongman iconJedrek the Crusher Resource-nanopod 69 → Resource-nanopod 52
9 S trooper jet pack iconAero Jetpack Trooper Resource-nanopod 85 → Resource-nanopod 64
10 Veh artillery mech iconMechanized Artillery Resource-nanopod 75Resource-nanopod 56