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Militarycamp icon
Building Type Housing
Bonus Type Houses
Reward Category Gold
Population Resource population +4
Size Size 3 x 3
Unlocked Level 3
Gold Gold 100
Wood Wood 10
Construction Time Time 3s
Sell Price Gold 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 40
Reward for Occupation Gold 152

"When military field camps are a step up the housing scale, you know you've been plumbing the very depths of civility."
— In-game Description


The Camp is a straightforward building that is a square with a tent in each corner. The shelter houses four workers and works in conjunction with the shelter to maximize odd population limits in the early levels. In higher levels, the population increase per level starts to be consistent and gives five population per level. Hovels will start to replace camps and shelters and once players can mass-produce Hovels or higher, Camps and Shelters become useful in filling holes in your population limit that the Hovels cant. Since they can be built almost instantly, the pairing of Camps and Shelters make it easy to keep yourself always at the maximum population limit while you build more advanced Housing.

For early levels, players should only build these in order to complete missions or to maximize their population. If you check in only twice an hour, the player will get more gold from a Shelter.

Be warned that the upgrade costs for Camps are the same as Shacks and Antipathy Shacks.


Camp Levels
Building Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Interval Resource-time 1h
Gold Collected 13 19 25 32 38 44 50 57 63 69
Gold Gold Cost 100 10 40 200 800 1,600 3,200 6,400 9,600 14,400
Wood Wood Cost 10 - - 50 200 400 800 1,200 - -
Lumber Lumber Cost - - - - - - - - 1,400 2,100
Time Time Cost 3s 5m 15m 1h 1h 2h 2h 4h 8h 12h