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Npc captainpike full
Captain Pike
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Captain
Affiliation Empire, Imperial Army, 95th Rifle Company
Former Affiliation Sovereign Navy


Captain Pike is an NPC introduced in the 4.5 Patch. He is a former captain in the Sovereign Navy and, after having had enough of the bloodshed of innocent people and the constant expansion of his home, set up Port City, an independent colony far from the Sovereign Navy homeland. His followers who support his views also reside there.

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This article contains plot details pertaining to the main story.

Much of Captain Pike's early history is unknown, however, he has stated that he rose quickly through the ranks in the Sovereign Navy.

In the mission "Floatsam", Floyd states that Captain Pike was on his way to the Outpost when a Sovereign scout force attacked his men and destroyed their Gunboat. This battle takes place during the mission "Smoke on the Water", where the player actually takes control of the gunboat Pike and his men are in and battles a quartet of Sovereign gunboats of similar level.

Later, in the mission "Pike's Place", players are introduced to Karin Winters, who explains who the Reef Bandits are and states that the Reef Bandits are one of the main reasons for her and Captain Pike's defection from the Sovereign Navy.

After allying with the Outpost and 95th Rifle Company, Captain Pike discusses plans to begin trading between his colony and the player's Outpost. This partnership cannot be successful however without a trade route, and so Pike asks the player to clear hostile invaders from an ideal Trade Route in which Port City and the Outpost can safely sail cargo ships through. This occurs in the mission "I Got What You Need".

After defeating the Dreadnought, Captain Pike states that the Sovereign Navy will comeback for revenge, knowing so because he used to be one of them.

In later missions it is revealed that when Pike came here he was still with the sovereign navy and was told to find "something big" that the reef bandits were hiding. It is assumed after Pike met the reef bandits he had sympathy and defected from the Sovereign Navy. In the mission Level_31-35_missions#Coordination:_Part_2, Pike and his group are fighting the Shadow Force Navy Karin Winters then asked Pike to tell the imperials the rest of the story saying "they deserved to know". Pike said he will have to tell them sooner or later. Karin is also seen stating at the end of the first dialogue of the mission Coordination: Part 2 "stay safe Perkins"


  • Captain Christopher Pike is a character from the new Star Trek movies. It is unknown if there is intended to be any connection.
  • In the mission "In with the Tide", Captain Pike states that he wrote the instruction manuals the ship helmsmen were using.