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The Empire with Cariston
Notes Mentioned only within Missions.

"Cariston, The Capital City of The Empire."
— Opening Cutscene


Cariston is the capital city of The Empire, located near The Empire's center. The Emperor of The Empire resides in Cariston.

Cariston is currently only mentioned in Missions and, therefore, is not able to be visited. Cariston lies beyond the Heartland.


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This article contains plot details pertaining to the main story.

Players find out shortly after finishing the mission "Warlord Gantas" that Emperor Hendrik II was killed during a surprise attack on the city by the Rebel Army, led by non other than General Ashe, Emperor Hendrik II's former military adviser. It is said in the mission "A Job Well Done" that the Rebel Army launched their attack through the Taray Mountains.

During the mission "An Empire in Need III", Perkins states that one Imperial refugee fleeing from the Southern Frontier swore that the Rebel Army turned the city into a crater, but whether or not this is true is unknown and is unable to be verified.