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Infected Units were introduced in 2.3. They were randomly encountered on the player's outpost and in the Northern Frontier World Map. With the 2.4 patch and the end of the Infected event, Infected invasions ceased to spawn in either the World Map or the outpost. The buildings and decorations associated with that event can no longer be built, either.

Infected Units can also be trained using the Infection Test Facility, but the process is different from other trainable units. The player must first sacrifice a non-infected, non-nanopod unit that is currently injured and waiting to be healed in the Hospital. 5 Resource-black nanopod and Resource-time 8 seconds are needed and a random Infected unit is produced, the randomness mostly based on the original sacrificed unit. Note that unit ranks and promotions does not matter.

With the 2.85 Patch, Infected are once again spawning in the World Map, albeit in much smaller numbers. One may need to clear the map of mammoth invasions several times before seeing any Infected. They still have a chance of dropping Black Nanopods, which can still be used by players who retain a Infection Test Facility or Black Nanopod Facility from the original Infected event in October 2012

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