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Chemical Reservoir
Comp civOrchard chem icon
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type Shops
Population Resource population -1
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 68, Unique
Gold Gold 450,500
Concrete Concrete 4,000
Steel Steel 5,000
Construction Time Time 2d
Sell Price Gold 100
Reward for Raiding Gold 5
Reward for Occupation Gold 19

"The Chemical Reservoir provides an unending renewable supply of chemical vials to your outpost at the low low cost of unspeakable environmental damage."
— In-game Description
"Why have an open pool of toxic sludge in your Outpost? How about totally free Chem every day?"
— 4.0 Patch Notes


The Chemical Reservoir is a Resource Shop released in the 4.0 Patch that produces Resource-chem 4 per day. However, its usefulness is very low, since you can get the same number of Chemical Vials by occupying a player's Chemical Storage Facility.


4.0 Patch

  • Building added.