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Chemical Weapons Lab
MilSupport chemFactory icon
Building Type Military
Population Resource population -5
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 41, Gas Buildup
Gold Gold 125,000
Concrete Concrete 7,000
Lumber Lumber 5,300
Construction Time Time 1d 12h
Sell Price Gold 10 Wood 5
Reward for Raiding Resource-chem 1
Reward for Occupation Resource-chem 4

"It's a toss-up who's in more danger at this lab: the targets of its output, or the poor suckers... er, researchers who have to develop the stuff at a frantic pace with only as much workplace safety as they can get away with."
— In-game Description


The Chemical Weapons Lab is required to build chemical-based units, including the Chem Trooper, Bio Grenadier, Light Chemical Tank, and Heavy Chemical Tank. It also provides 10 storage for Chemical Vials (Resource-chem). Contrary to what you may expect, this building does not actually produce Vials - they must be acquired through missions, occupying Chemical buildings, battling certain Rebel Army forces or through the Chemical Reservoir.

Unlike other buildings whose primary purpose is to unlock units, it appears that, like the Chemical Storage Facility, it is possible to build multiple Chemical Weapons Labs in a single outpost because this counts as a warehouse. It is better, however, to build the Chemical Storage Facility for storage of Chemical Vials.

As of Patch 2.2, players can raid or occupy the Chemical Weapons Lab and the Chemical Storage Facility (But not the Chemical Sprinkler) to obtain Chemical Vials.