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Npc laserScientist fullI17_guy_laser
Gender Male
Affiliation Installation 17; Silver Wolves (formerly)
Former Affiliation Installation 17

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"Amazing you survived this long despite laser radiation."
— Chuck


Chuck is a worker at Installation 17. He gave some of the laser technology to the Silver Wolves because he believed since the Empire was gone, it was every man for himself. He hides himself in the city of Marin where the player goes to attack and capture him. He dishes out the same amount of damage as the Laser Technician.

At some point, Chuck must have been released. When Ramsey goes to Installation 17 to see Cassidy, he is attacked by Chuck, as he believes that Ramsey is a threat to the facility. After Ramsey defeats some of Chuck's troops, Cassidy stops the fight. However, Raiders approach and attack the I17 troops.


See Laser Technician (enemy)


See Laser Technician (enemy).