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Fr civilian unarmed
Affiliation Frontier
Unit Type Soldier-Civilian
Blocking Partial
Encounter Lvls 36 59
Stat-HP HP 40 180
Stat-Bravery Bravery 0 0
Black shield Defense 30 45
Stat-Dodge Dodge 0 15
Unit Value 2 11
Resource-SP SP Reward 8 44
Gold Gold Reward 40 220


The Civilian was added along with the Frontier Militia, released in the 2.0 Patch. It is an unarmed citizen of the Frontier, with no attacks and very few HP. As with other Frontier Militia units, killing one in battle will end the mission in defeat for the player. However, it can be safely apprehended, and if only Civilians are left on the enemy side, the player will win the battle.

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