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Commemorative Statue
Deco-commemorative statue
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Stone Quarry
Logging Camp
Iron Mine
Oil Pump
Coal Mine
Bonus Applied Resources +15%
Bonus Radius 8
Limit per Building 1
Size Size (4x4)
Unlocked Level 15
Gold Gold 3,000
Stone Stone 100
Construction Time Time 0s
Sell Price Wood 50
Reward for Raiding Gold 50
Reward for Occupation Gold 190


Celebrating 1 year of Battle Nations!

There is no better way to motivate the many, many faceless workers slaving away at the mines and mills than a giant golden statue depicting the four people (and Perkins) to whom everything important seems to happen. Oh wait, food. You could, like, give them some food.


Limit 1

Similar to the Ancient Rubble, the Commemorative Statue increases resource output by 15%, and can be combined with other decorations and the Ancient Rubble.

Available during the 1 Year Anniversary event.