Battle Nations Wiki
NatBarricade debris
Affiliation Neutral
Unit Type Defense
Blocking Blocking
Immunities BN iconCold Cold Environment
StatusEffect-plague Plague
StatusEffect-poison Poison
StatusEffect-stun Stun
Base Defense

Damage piercing 25%
Damage crushing 25%
Damage explosive 85%
Damage fire 0%

Encounter Lvls 10
Stat-HP HP 200
Stat-Bravery Bravery 1,000
Black shield Defense 10


Debris can be encountered along with multiple enemy factions, and in Boss Strikes as well. It has high resistances and hp for the level it is encountered at, so the player is advised to leave it alone, since you can win the battle without destroying it.

This unit is also spawned when a Cannon Tower is destroyed.