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Boss Strike mad scientist 1136x640
Dr. Vogel
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Scientist
Affiliation Silver Wolves, Ancient Tech
Weapon Unknown
"Silver Wolf scientist Dr. Vogel and his Ancient army have launched a boss strike on your Outpost. Team up with your guildmates to battle him."
— In-game Description for Boss Strike 10


Silver Wolf Scientist Dr. Vogel was the leader of the 10th Boss Strike event, "Dr. Vogel", which ran through the end of May 2014. In this Boss Strike, he leads an army of Silver Wolves and Ancient Tech (Dexter Fragments and Flying Dexter Fragments) against your outpost.

Like all Boss Strike leaders (except for those in the 12th Boss Strike, the Raider Warlord Challenge) he did not participate in battle.

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  • There is an Ancient Construct fragment and an Ancient Sentinel head in the background of his promotional image.
  • He appears to be the stereotype of a mad scientist with his crazy hairdo and his experiments.