Battle Nations Wiki
SuperArtillery front
Affiliation Rebel Army
Unit Type Artillery-Metal
Blocking Partial
Immunities Suppressor breach icon Breach
StatusEffect-plague Plague
Encounter Lvls 40
Stat-HP HP 190
Stat-Bravery Bravery 15
Black shield Defense 15
Unit Value 22
Resource-SP SP Reward 88
Gold Gold Reward 440


The enemy Earthshaker is the Rebel version of the player-trainable Earthshaker. They appear in many midlevel enemy formations and are equivalent to a Rank 1 Earthshaker.


Ammo: 2
Reload: 6 Rounds
Attack Icon UnitAbility mortarShell 1shot exp icon
Targetable Unit Types
Air X mark
LTA X mark
Soldier Yes check
Sniper Yes check
Vehicle Yes check
Tank Yes check
Metal Yes check
Critter Yes check
Civilian Yes check
Sea Yes check
Ship Yes check
Damage Damage explosive 88-132
Offense 68
Range 2-5
Line of Fire Indirect
Cooldown 2 Rounds
Ammo Used 1
Suppression Mod x0.5 +15
Crit 5%