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Icon travel frozen icon@2x
Eastern Wastes
Location level 35
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns LandEncounter SilverWolves icon Silver Wolves
LandEncounter mammoth Critters and Hunters
Status Effects BN iconCold Environmental Cold DoT
Notes Encounters dependent on player level.

"A seemingly endless frozen desert where little grows and people tend to become popcicles. Long thought worthless, though some people come here for precisely that reason when they want some privacy."
— In-game Description


The Eastern Wastes is a region in the World Map and is the fifth unlocked in the game, after the Heartland. A large number of missions must be completed to unlock this zone, including defeating Gantas, securing the southern frontier, and making contact with Aurora. This region was added in the 2.8 Patch.

Installation 17 is located here and as the story in the game continues, players learn from one of its two head administrators, Aurora, about Installation 17's constant troubles with the Silver Wolves. Players are often called upon to help clear invading Silver Wolves out.

The Eastern Wastes also introduces the BN iconCold Cold Environment DoT. In every battle that takes place in the Eastern Wastes, Units that are not immune to the status effect are affected and are damaged by it every turn. Vehicles can lose up tp Stat-HP 56 HP every turn, and infantry may lose from between Stat-HP 60-72 HP per turn depending on the unit. Some units that are immune to Cold Environment DoT are the Arctic Trooper, Arctic Tank, and the premium, Resource-nanopod-costing Heavy Arctic Tank.


Installation 17[]

Lvl. 50

Installation17 icon

"A hidden Imperial research base deep in the chill wastes. Most of it is underground, out of the cold and wind. The work they do here is mad scientist stuff."

Installation 17 is a secret Imperial facility designed to produce laser technology for The Empire. It is located deep in the chilling and dangerous Eastern Wastes.