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Npc emperor full~ipad
Emperor Hendrik II
Status Dead
Gender Male
Rank/Title Emperor
Affiliation The Empire
— Emperor Hendrik II


Emperor Hendrik II was an Emperor of The Empire. In numerous storyline missions, he sends a radio broadcast to the player's Outpost, requesting goods and/or resources to help with the ongoing war effort happening elsewhere. In the mission A Job Well Done, it is revealed that the Rebel Army launched a surprise attack on Cariston, destroying it and assassinating the Emperor. Having no known siblings or offspring, the royal bloodline ended with his death.


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details pertaining to the main story.

Emperor Hendrik II inherited the war against the Rebel Army from his father, Emperor Tragan. With help from General Ashe, the inexperienced Emperor Hendrik II was able to successfully direct the Imperial forces against the Rebels. Eventually, in the mission Empire v Rebels, with the Rebels outmaneuvered, outnumbered, and surrounded, the Empire was able to seemingly destroy what was left of the Rebel Army in a thick jungle. Unfortunately, having had it with being bossed around by an inexperienced and pretentious Emperor, General Ashe defected and joined the Rebels and organized them, prolonging the war for another 2 years of the 11 that had already passed.

With the Emperor no longer having a military advisor, Hendrik II began to send out outposts to research and look for ways to win the war or gain an advantage against the Rebels. Being sent to the Northern Frontier, the 95th Rifle Company, part of the 3rd Army branch of the Imperial Army, was given a special task: locate and mine Uranium for the secret weapon the Emperor was creating to destroy the Rebels once and for all. Encountering hostile Raiders and having no luck with finding Uranium, the 95th Rifle Company seemingly abandoned their assignment and focused their attention on deal with the Raiders being led by a tyrannical common sense is shown when he orders Flame Troopers to burn out Rebels hiding in the Jungle of Harmath. Furthermore, after the jungle is burned down, he tries to calm the unhappy locals by ordering each Outpost to create fake trees by gluing wood and leafy greens together. Numerous other messups by the Emperor are mentioned in other broadcasts to the player's Outpost.

As the 95th Rifles attacked Warlord Gantas' Fortress in the Northern Frontier, the Rebel Army launched a surprise attack on the capital of the Empire, Cariston, from the Taray Mountains. In the process, the Rebel Army, led by General Ashe, destroyed the city and assassinated the Emperor, resulting in the collapse of the Empire and chaos across it. Having no known siblings or offspring, the royal bloodline ended with his death. Slowly, all armies of the Empire fell to the Rebels, all but the player's Outpost and Installation 17, which were able to stay under the Rebels' radar long enough to stand a good chance against them.

Special Radio Broadcasts[]

Food for the Empire
Npc emperor full~ipad My most euphistic citizens - as the 2nd and 5th Corps of the Imperial Army push into the southeast where rebel activity is the strongest, we make a call for celebration in their honor. The Empire will hold a great feast!
In order to support the incredible size and scope of the feast these brave boys deserve, we call on all loyal citizens of the Empire to give what you can to shore up our reserves.
While it is unfortunately impossible for the brave souls we are celebrating to actually be physically present for the feast, we have hired the finest food photographers to ensure that the grandeur is not lost on them completely.
The Empire is Glued Together
Npc emperor full~ipad My orotund subjects, I have glorious news! Imperial forces in the southeast have cornered the traitorous General Ashe and his Rebels in the Jungle of Harmath. By hiding there, the Rebels gave us no choice but to burn them out.
Our Flame Troopers began a coordinated assault of controlled fires that went out of control through no fault of their own. The jungle has been completely incinerated, and the locals are upset.
Though I'm 99% sure they understand it's the Rebels' fault and not ours, the Empire requires supplies from each outpost to replace the jungle with fake trees, and prevent the 1% chance this turns into another rebellion.
The Emperor Wants Wood
Npc emperor full~ipad Greetings, my most insoluble citizens!
As you know, throughout our Empire we have countless research projects working on glorious new ways to crush the Rebels.
Our secret research project at Blackish Butte has been SO successful that we have decided to ratchet back their progress. This "quantitative easing" will be accomplished through a combination of huge piles of wood and several gallons of lighter fluid.
Thank you again for your unquestioning service, and for not venturing within 100 miles of Blackish Butte until further notice.
Siege of Marin
Npc emperor full~ipad Tragic news, my hirsute subjects! The treacherous Rebels have besieged the northern city of Marin without even telling us in advance! I only found out today because the solid-gold rifle I ordered from a factory in Marin hadn't shipped yet, and I was like, WTF?
The bulk of my Imperial Army is in the southeast where the Rebels are SUPPOSED to be. Thus, my brave subjects on the northern frontier: send what you can and you will be rewarded! Remember, promotions are based on who I like, not on merit!


As said in the 4.0 Dev Diary, Emperor Hendrik II was pretentious to and ordered around General Ashe, which resulted in his defection. His inexperience could have been result of him inheriting the war, including the responsibilities and decisions that came with it.


  • It is possible that Hendrik II, by the way he acts, could be assimilated to Wilhelm II, the last Emperor of Germany. Both are selfish, authoritative rulers who do are quite young and inexperienced to effectively lead their country. Indeed, Hendrik II does mistreat his more able general, Ashe, which ultimately leads to Ashe's defection, just as Wilhelm II dismissed the competent Chancellor Otto van Bismarck. Also, Wilhelm II inherits a country fighting against a rebellion of united countries, just like Wilhelm's Germany antagonized much of Europe, ultimately leading to World War I. This would be concurrent with many similarities between the Empire and the German Empire (such as Emperor Hendrick the Great's hat, which resembles that of the typical Prussian soldier).

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