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Npc flame archer full
Flames of Love Archer
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Archer
Affiliation Raiders, 95th Rifle Division
Weapon Flame Bow

Flame Archer Front
Affiliation Raiders
Unit Type Soldier
Blocking Partial
Stat-HP HP 150
Stat-Bravery Bravery 35
Black shield Defense 40
Stat-Dodge Dodge 10
"I have the honor of leading my people in the celebration of new life, the return of the sun, and the kindling and renewal of lifelong bonds."
— Flames of Love Archer


The Flames of Love Archer is a friendly Raider that appears in the Valentine's Day 2014 limited time "Love Is a Battlefield" missions. Players get a chance to use the Flame Archer and test him out in battle during these missions.

The Flame Archer visits your Outpost with the Raider Kids and talks to you about how Raiders celebrate Valentine's Day. Because he speaks in a rather strange, poetic way like Crazy Blades, the Raider Kids usually translate what he is trying to say.

The Flame Archer wears a teddy bear head as a substitute for the normal head attire the Raiders normally wear, and the most noticeable part of his appearance is his nipples, which have been pierced with rings. Because he wears no shirt, his chest hair roams free. He has a red heart tattoo on his right arm and wears a sling across his body that carries his arrows and bow.

He makes a quick reappearance in the 2015 valentines day missions.


The Flame Archer does significant damage against critter type units, like Raptors and Sandworms; often landing a critical hit. This makes sense, for it seems the Raiders celebrate Valentine's Day by killing animals and taking their hearts.