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Friends are other players that have accepted a friend invitation. Friend invitations are able to be sent to other players at the end of a PvP battle or manually via the Community Layer. Once a player has accepted another player's friend invitation, both players will be able to PM each other in-game, raid or occupy each other's Outposts for rare and vital resources, and repel existing occupying forces from each other's lands. This unique relationship often leads to more successful endeavors in completing Missions and ranking units than compared to those who choose not to associate themselves with other players.

Friend List[]

BN icon occupy

A list of all friends the player has accumulated throughout the course of the game can be found in their Friend List. The friend list is organized in alphabetical order. At the corner of each friend's avatar, the player will be able to see the status of his/her friend's land via special icons. These icons include:

Icon Meaning
Friendstab needshelp
Friend is under attack by a hostile faction and/or is occupied by another friend. The player can go and defend their friend's territory if they aren't in shape to do so themselves. There can only be so many occupying armies at once, depending on the level of the Outpost, so sometimes, to occupy more land, players must defeat other occupations.
Friendstab occupying
Friend is being occupied by you, the player, but does not have any resources to collect. You can visit friends to check what buildings you are occupying. If no player can defeat your occupation, your forces may stay on the friend's land for up to 2-3 days. Players have to visit their friends and collect the resources their armies have gathered from the buildings under their occupation square every four hours manually, and the timer will reset to four hours once the resources are collected. Remember that it takes two hours for one's troops to return after coming home from a friend's land.

Don't forget to collect the returning units by opening the Armies window (Trooper Face) and clicking again on each of your occupation icons. As you do that, you see at the top of the screen what units you have that are in the occupying army, the same as with garrisons, however you don't have the ability to change the composition of the squad.

Players won't be warned if their armies have been beaten by the player they are occupying. If their forces have been defeated, a skull appears at the left corner of the occupation icon. Occupying players also will not be informed who defeated them, either the host or a friend of his. It will simply say "<insert name here> has defeated you!", regardless of who it was who actually fought the player's army.

Bf safe
Friend has their Imperial flag raised and cannot be raided or occupied.
Bf attack
Friend has changed their Battle Flag to allow invasions, so the player can visit their land and raid or occupy their buildings. If the player is simply occupying for resource access, it's generally better to ask the other player before. Otherwise, they can (and probably will) defend against your attack and send your units to the Hospital.
Energy Icon
Friend has buildings able to be assisted.
You can go visit your friend and collect the resources on the squares you occupy. If someone defeats your troops before collecting, you will lose the resources.

If you can see a small picture of some coins, swords, or other icons in a corner of the avatar, this means something has happened. Go visit them to see what happened. When you are visiting one, you can directly visit another friend by clicking on the friends icon (Friends). To head home directly from a friend's land, click the home icon (Home) located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.



Fight-a-friend enables friends to go head-to-head in PvP-style fights.

Fight-a-Friend is a PvP-style fight that pits to friends together in an all-out duel. More information on Fight-a-Friend battles can be found here.